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Saturday, 17 January 2015

Mr. Bean Body

I literally could not wait to review the Mr. Bean Body scrub. Everyone says it but honestly your skin feels so replenished after use!! It took about 2 weeks to get to me as it is made in Australia.
First of all, I love the packaging. It was even nicer to see the effort they put in into making the product fun and desirable to use. Punchy lines and fab ingredients ❤️

I was very impressed also to see that it is a fair trade product! 

After a tough circuit training, I depicted the perfect time to try Mr. Bean... I'm personally not a coffee lover but the smell  that lingered as soon as I opened the packet was addictive!! It wasn't overpowering - just right, with a hint of coconut. Ahhhh....

So you wet the affected areas, such as dry skin, rough skin, cellulite, acne marks, take some Mr Bean in your hand and scrub a dub dub :)

After letting it dry in for 5 mins, I rinsed and felt the magic! My skin felt so soft it didn't even feel like it was mine. 👌  I woke up this morning feeling heavenly! I can't wait to use Mr. Bean on a regular basis and try their other products!! I cannot recommend it enough! Improves skin complexion/tone/appearance or simply provides a relaxing night in! Clóda xx


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