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Thursday, 5 February 2015

It's A (Lime)Crime You Don't Have One

I've been wanting to post about my Limecrime Velvetine lip stain for so long! The shade I bought was 'Red Velvet' as you can see.. I was mad to try a Limecrime product while adamant to find the perfect red lippy which gives a Marilyn Monroe effect.  

When applying, I did a quick run around my outer lips with a peach shaded lip liner (so as not to go outside the lines).. Limecrime is very wet at first, so don't apply in a big thick stroke. Instead I used the Model's Own lip brush to paint my lips with precision. I started with the inside of my bottom lip, working it up to the top lip. However, it wasn't long before it dried in to give it's matte/velvet tone.

I hummed and haw'd over whether to buy it on the official Limecrime website as shipping costs from USA would have been crazy! I held off for a while, then one day I was flicking through Depop and discovered an on-line shop called 'Cocktail Cosmetics'  (link to website below) . Their prices are so affordable and there was very quick delivery.

I am extremely happy with this product. It lasts for hours, gives a matte finish, and gives a lush voluminous look to your lips. Here is some photos of me wearing it at a singing competition. I can't recommend Limecrime enough, and can't wait to try more products <3


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