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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Feather & Bone Face Gems

Aaahh the power of social media. I found this fab company like most companies on the net. I searched #BloggersNeeded on Twitter and the rest is history! So if any newbie bloggers are reading, hashtags such as that are great ways to get involved with companies. :)

Feather & Bone Face Gems is a three ingredient (starch, Fuller’s earth, and sandalwood), single use, portable tablet facial cleanser that empowers and rejuvenates the face with every use. The tablet dissolves into a paste when water is added; it has the triple action of cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing. All natural and made with no preservatives, Face Gems are made for all skin types, men and women and all ethnicities.

If I'm completely honest, when I first saw the Feather & Bone tablets I was sceptical about whether they would wash my whole face as they look so tiny in their packaging. However, I was completely wrong.. One tablet covered my entire face and even more!


Look how perfect they are for a travel pack - Face Wash on the go!

Feather & Bone couldn't make it any easier for the customer with 3 simple steps to follow:

STEP 1. Pop one tablet and place it in the palm of your hand.

STEP 2. Add 5-10 drops of water as needed and apply pressure on tablet to break to form paste.

STEP 3.  Scoop paste from palm to massage/apply on full face.

I really like this product. I know it looks icky but who's going to see it only yourslef! It definitely exfoliates the face and I can tell that any dead skin had been lifted when I washed it off. Applying it to a skincare regime for someone with a busy lifestyle is highly recommended!!

Also I'm loving the fact that I got a free sticker. 
(1) Because it's orange
(2) Because I am growing a collection of stickers on my guitar case haha

Much Love and Orange vibes,
Clóda xx


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