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Monday, 31 August 2015

Introduction to Outbox Incubator

Hi everyone, this is a very different post to what I normally do. You're probably all wondering what is Outbox Incubator?? Well it's a programme which encourages girls to get into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths). Over the 6 weeks of British Summer, young girls were invited to live in a house together in London, exchanging ideas and business startups. OB is developed and ran by the Stemettes.

Why Me??

So you might be wondering, how do I fit in here? STEM is broader than just the the 4 categories. Really it supports all young girls in their ideas and helps them to achieve goals and make contacts in the industry. I've only been here a day and it has changed my perspective on the kind of career I want. I'm so confused now, it's a good thing I'm taking a year out!!!

One of the head Stemettes is an Irish woman, Mary Carty. I found out all about OB through Mary. She encouraged me to apply for it and I was sceptical because I wasn't sure that OB suited me because I didn't have a business or an invention as such! All the other girls seemed a lot more innovative and intelligent than me.

However, she told me that my application must have impressed the judges because I got into OB based on the fact that I am a blogger. She added that building my own brand is an impressive skill and that it would be good for me to learn bout content creation and marketing!
I came to the realisation that I thought I wasn't good enough, or that I would be below the standard of  all the talented girls in STEM but that isn't the case. I've learned from Mary that I shouldn't compare myself to others, because we all have our own little niches and characteristics! Thanks Mary!

Off to London!!

It wasn't long before I heard from the Stemettes that I had got into OB!! I was so so happy! What a great way to finish off the summer, improving my blog, learning about new things and meeting some amazing people. 

I flew Dublin-Gatwick on Sun 30th August. Myself and another Irish girl, Catriona were collected by a Stemette, Yaz and we got a cab to the OB house. It was great to have another Irish girl with me. We had a great chat and she showed me around the house! Because it was only a "Moving In" day, we basically chilled for the whole time on Sunday. Yaz made us lunch - fabulous halloumi (I was buzzing when she said it) and salad wrap. Then I got to know some more of the girls. I also received a Tote bag which included some OB goodies!

And of course with the orange wristband and bed sheets, it was a very honorary welcome for me ;)

On the night we arrived, it was the day of the famous Notting Hill Carnival! Unfortunately the OB Execs weren't allowed to go so we made our own little mini carnival!! We made flags of a load of different nationalities! Can you spot yours?

Then I met my roomie Dami and we get on like a house on fire, so positive vibes all round!!!

Soooooo there's my introduction to Outbox Incubator!! I'll make a daily diary post on each day's schedule so that you can all follow my experience!! 

Lots of love,

Clóda x


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