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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Style Loft

Hi everyone. GUESS WHAT? You've all got me to over 5k views on my blog!!! WOOO, thank you all so much. I am thrilled with the reaction I've been getting lately from my blog posts! Especially the one about the Leaving Cert. Loads of people have told me how it has helped them, motivated them to work harder and even opened up their eyes! So if anyone els1e wants to ask me for advise about exams/studying etc, I'm always an open ear. Send me a message on Facebook or a Snapchat and I'll help you as best as I can! Oh and by the way if there's any particular topics you want me to blog about or want my opinion on, please contact me also. And don't be afraid to share links of my blog posts if you want to let others have a read!!

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Today's fashion post is all about Style Loft. You can also buy their clothes on Depop, search @StyleLoft...

Style Loft

Style Loft is a very affordable online boutique from the UK who offer trendy/unique pieces! I'm really excited for their A/W15 range after seeing some shots of their recent shoot!! Take a look..



Anywhoooo, I'll get onto my items from Style Loft. I received a stunning playsuit and a quirky dress from them!

I fell IN LOVE with the croc print playsuit straight away. The print is just amaze!! It's perfect for that transition from Summer-Autumn because of the nude/brown tones! It's also ridiculously comfy!! Win Win. I'm not sure if it's still available on the site so try their Depop.
The hat is Penneys' finest (Of course - €2).
And zeeee shoes are from Sole Wish

I also adore the back detail. Sigh...

Buy these lace-up beauts here: Aurelia Black Knee High Lace Ups

I feel like a modern day gladiator lol..

Aaaand here's outfit Numéro Deux! 

A stunning Autumnal Paisely dress! Lovin' these hippy vibes!
You can't really see it clearly in the photo, but there is a fab plum/maroon shade in the dress so I paired it with this stunning bag from Handbag Styles and lace up shoes from Penneys - they can do no wrong! 

 Ahhhh look at all those colours!!

I really love this dress! You'll be glad to know it's now down to £10!! Grab it here quickly before they're all gone : Style Loft Indie Dress

Do I fit in well in the playground??

I'll just finish the post with this beautiful quote I came across :)

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Just something to think about...

See you very soon,

Clóda x


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