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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

YOUR Future is Bright!!

Hi all, I firstly would like to thank you all for constantly supporting my blog! I reached 4000 page views this week! For some bloggers, 4000 views is a daily thing but this is a real milestone for me :))))

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So, I've decided to make a post about Leaving Cert, during and after! Hopefully 5th and 6th year students can take something from it. I'll be focusing on my particular subjects!


For all of you going into 5th year, please do not be thinking it will be a walk in the park. Believe it or not this is your hard-working year! Don't come in with the mindset that you have 2 years to get all the work done! It FLIES!!

Literally go hell for leather for the 1st term of 5th year! This is what I did and it set me up greatly!
Keep all homework and notes organised and up-to-date. Leaving things on the long finger often is left to the May of 6th year and believe me you don't want that!

Keep on top of class tests. Even if they're only a small test you should make sure you're prepped and trying hard because you will go back and re-check these the night before your leaving cert.

Get things ready like your Sráith Pictúirs and Oral prep. 

Enjoy 5th year. It's actually a really nice year. You get this new-found respect from all the teachers and younger pupils. There isn't too much stress either which is great.

By the way DO NOT FREAK if you fail your 5th year Summer tests. It has no reflection on what you will get in the actual Leaving Cert. However, pick up the slack when you start 6th year!!


Now you're headed into the big year. Stay calm, composed and focus. Forget 5th year - if it was bad, rectify it in the first month of 6th year. You need to hit this year hard because you won't believe how quickly it'll come to an end!
You need to keep in mind that you are competing for points with everyone else in your year so keep trying your best with class tests. 

If your school offers an After School Study programme, SIGN UP NOW!!

All things like Sráith Pictúirs and Oral notes should be up-to-date by November. Give yourself plenty of time to revise and learn them (because I didn't)

After Christmas there'll be little  time for catching up on the things you should've done already. Orals and Mocks will be the only thing on the agenda so all i can say is from Sept-Dec of 6th year PREP PREP PREP!!!

Know that it is totally ok to be stressed. Don't hold it in and hope it will go away. Scream into a pillow, go for a run, eat lottttts of chocolate. Do whatever it is you have to do to get through the year!
And prepare for tears. LOTS of them.. For months! (It shows you care........)

Try your best in the Mocks! Give it your all. Keep writing. Perfect your timing for long exams!!

The last 2 months are crucial. You really need to start timetabling and making sacrifices! If you have a hobby for every night of the week, drop 1 or 2. 

For the week before the Leaving, lots of people decide to stay at home. I don't know if it worked for them but I sure as hell know that it would not work for me. Wifi? Instagram? Phone? Food? It just wasn't an option if I wanted to  get a good Leaving Cert. 
Most schools will offer you a room to go study etc, and it benefited me greatly.

AAAAANNND here it is. The actual Leaving Cert. It is yours for the taking, so grab it with 2 hands and make it your bish!! ;)
For me cramming was late at night before going to sleep then at 6am the morning of the exam! Your brain works best in the morning and it's fresh in your memory!
Saying things out loud over and over really does help.
By the way, leave your whole life on the papers.. Everything!
And don't worry you will get through it!! It seems like you won't and it'll be a whirlwind year but the taste of success is so sweet on Results day when your blood, sweat and tears pays off!


You will be sick/nervous/an emotional train awaiting your results. I got a headache, the sweats, couldn't sleep. But everyone's in the same boat so it's fine.

Some people will do great, others will be disappointed. Either way don't feel guilty that you did amazing and the person next to you isn't happy. It's your day, and your hard work on paper and you deserve to burst with happiness if you got the grades you hoped for.

To those who aren't as happy, don't lose faith. There's so many options these days ; repeat ; take a year out (or 5) ; get an apprenticeship ; try to get work home or abroad ; check out Level 5-7 Fetac courses. But either way if the CAO doesn't work out as planned it's not the end of your life. You're more than likely in the age bracket of 16-21 so try to find a way around it :)


Well I'll start by saying, I failed almost everything in 5th year. So I gave myself a kick in the butt in the first term of 6th year.

For Christmas tests, I got 315 points.

For Mocks, I got 440 points.

At this rate I was going to be delighted with 400 points or more cause I knew I could easily achieve it!

For the Leaving Cert I got 475 points!!!!!!!!!!
I'm still bursting and so so proud of myself because I honestly tried very hard! 
Hard work = Success!

So I've decided to take a year out as I'm not fully sure what I want to do. However I'll be doing a part-time Music course in BIMM college, Dublin which I am very excited about!

By the way, does anyone know of any good media or fashion courses in Ireland? I'm keeping my options open for next year.

Best of luck to you all no matter what you do and don't forget you write your own future, so make it bright!

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Until next time,

Clóda xx



  1. Great post for encouraging young school goers 👌🏻💞


    1. Hiya Jennifer thanks so much for reading :) Means a lot!


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