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Monday, 7 September 2015


Brekkie: Toast with marmalade and Crunchy Nut cereal
Lunch: Tuna, wrap, salsa, deli
Dinner: THE most amazing cottage pie!!! And spinach pastry bake because everybody else ate all the veg before I could get some.
DESSERT!!!!!: Toffee cake and Lemon Drizzle Cake (Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm)

Session 1 - Live Interview with Emma McGuigan

Emma McGuigan

- When at school she liked maths & physics and loved making stuff. Emma earned to code when she was very young. She also loved the idea of making something from nothing!
- she got to do a year in France - studied engineering
- She loved the independence at uni


- Emma makes sure all people in tech are busy and working with clients.
- She makes sure that they as a business run well and make money.
- She thinks about how they can drive new technology and use it differently for their clients' needs.
H&M have taken a version of her app to help part-time workers know how to do their job!!

ACCENTURE - Emma's company

  • They help their clients (big companies) through tech solutions. Eg develop a supply chain.
  • Part of what creates the energy and optimism that she has is because of all the diverse things she does in life.
  • Every opportunity that came, she took it!
  • Emma loves people who care about things and have values big enough that they care to uphold. 
  • She loves people who will make things happen.
  • Her parents inspire her. Her mum didn't have a great education and made sure she had the best of education.
  • Sometimes it's the ordinary people doing the smaller things that inspire her.

Emma's tips for us..

Keep an open mind all the time and always enjoy people.

 How can YOU get the best out of a working relationship for the best productivity.

 If you create a good impression with somebody you can re-connect a network with them.

Don't get stuck doing something you hate doing.

We all need to laugh more than we probably do

Always be thinking what could be changed or what ideas you can bring to the world!

If you stop dreaming, you stop having good ideas!

If you think you're doing the right thing for the business then do it!

Just jump in and ask questions and ask for help!

Listening is key for going into the unknown.

You can find good in every choice you make. 

There's days where you feel like you want to conquer the world - cherish those days.

Appreciate what you have.

Be polite and charming and that's how you master networking!

Emma was an excellent speaker. I admired how comfortable she was in a room of strangers. I will definitely take a lot of her advise on board!!

Session 2 - Jenny Stannard

  • Works for TRL
  • She has an engineering degree
  • Jenny works as a transport psychologist
  • Works with electric cars

- 95% of collisions have a human factors cause
- There are unintended consequences of AVs
- AVs are expected to have a significant impact

Basically the session consisted of us talking about driverless cars. We didn't do much note-taking as it was group-based. I didn't agree with the idea of  these AV's but I respected Jenny for pitching her idea to us :)


So, by chance I put on makeup this morning (I've been bare-faced all week) and it just so happened to be the day that a TV crew came to film shots. They're running a documentary on our experience in the Outbox house! So we filmed loads of scenes and shots outside/in the house. We recorded sessions, group shots and dancing/chill time in the garden! It was a great experience!


(Neither of these photos are of me)

So today's downtime included yoga from Just Kay's Yoga and a dance class. I REAAAAALLLLLYYYY enjoyed this because I love sports and I've been missing Camogie so much while being away, so getting outside and moving was really motivating. 
On both Tuesday and Thursday I got up at like 7 o'clock to shower and have breakfast to prep for yoga but it wasn't on. It was so sad and tiring, so you can only imagine my excitement when Kay came into the house!! I loved the yoga. It was so calming and fun to try out. Believe it or not, I actually did a headstand!!! Now I want to take up yoga classes when I come home!

Next, a dancing instructor came to the house and still being on a high from the yoga, I instantly said yes. It was the best craic dancing to classics like Michael Jackson, Britney and Whip Nae Nae!! What a fantastic day!!


Clóda x


Thursday, 3 September 2015

Outbox Inc - Day 3

Brekkie: Crunchy Nut cereal and toasted belgian waffles
Lunch: Quiche, broccoli salad, tuna and pitta bread
Dinner: Marinated cod, dauphinoise potatoes and steamed veg


                            Image result for tom cannon                                             

What is products management?

  • Communicating the product vision
  • Documenting & representing the customers' needs
  • Prioritizing competing requirement
  • Understanding customers' problems and needs
  • Validating product features to solve customer problems
  • Communicating product value


How do we build it?
How long will it take?
How much will it cost?
Who are we building it for? 
Why do they need it?

Eric Reis - The Lean Startup

Your idea is a hypothesis. It's a starting point for further investigation!!
Who  (Your customer
Why (Their problem)
What (Your solution)

I really enjoyed hearing about Lean Product Management, so much so that it got me thinking about making an app - kind of like a stylist app! 


How they think
What drives them
What worries them
How to reach them
How to talk them
How to surprise and delight them
What their problems & needs are

They gave some great advise..
-Don't create problems to justify your idea
-Don't mistake your opinions & assumptions for facts - stay objective and don't get overly attached to your product
-What is your unique solution to the consumer's problem?
-Is your solution a painkiller or a vitamin?
-Go talk to a customer!! Get feedback.
-Your family/friends are NOT your customer
-Don't mistake consumer's opinions for facts
-You're trying to understand their perspective not persuade them to agree with you
-If I can see further than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.

Here's a good guideline to follow when app-making..

My (app name) is for (your target customer) who (problem or need).

It's a (type of app) that (your key benefit)

Unlike (your key competitor), it (your key differentiator)

I absolutely loved this session as it has completely broadened my knowledge and perspective on product making!

Emma Sinclair

Emma Sinclair

The first thing I noticed about Emma when she walked into the room were the pink vibes and Hermes belt and I knew that we were in for a good session!! Plus she brought goodie bags so she had pretty much bought me over by then! That's how to make a first impression.

-She was never into tech.
-Has always been in jobs. 
-Has a photographic memory and so did well in school.
-Everyday from the age of 4 her father took her to school, she would read share prices on the stock exchange. It was completely accessible and easy for her by the time she was 18.
-Went to Uni to study languages, took out a Student Loan, and started trading on the stock market. 
-Over the course of the year she made quite a lot of money trading on Pizza Express.
-She started applying to banks and got offered loads of jobs.
-Before she never would have spoke in public, so she channeled her inner Sasha Fierce when having to do so.
-Emma learned a lot of business, maths & presentation skills.
-She wanted to have her own business, flexibility and a family.

At 29  she floated her company on the Stock Exchange and at 32 she sold her public company and started a parking company. She bought companies/sites that run car parks and introduced electronic features to the car park. Now she has her 3rd business - Enterprise Jungle!!

Here's some great tips/advice from Emma..

"You cannot run an empire or a business without your health! Feed yourself properly!"

Build your Twitter/Social community .. to be seen in a crowded room!

You will learn from everyone.

Every potential boss of yours is going to google you. Your social media is almost like your CV - be careful.

Unless someone's died, everything's fine

It's ok to put your hand up, gravitate and build a really great network of people



So Emma was generous enough to give us all some goodie bags! Each bag contained a healthy juice from Plenish Cleanse, an authentic lip balm and a sachet of probiotic. :)

In my bag there was a green juice that there was no chance of me drinking so Millie swapped with me!! She gave me this lovely Cacao one (Thanks Millie!)
Apparently it's completely natural and very healthy. I wonder could I get them in Ireland - I definitely would love these for on-the-go when I'm blogging and travelling to college.

That's not the colour... I drank it all lol.

These stunning little de Mamiel lipbalms smell divine and were special to Emma's heart as they were created by her friend.
Buy here : De Mamiel products

Take in how pretty the packaging is! I didn't open it for a day purely because of how dainty and appealing it looks.!!

Thanks Emma x

So anyway I've been pretty dizzy and what not all week staring at computer screens so I was thrilled when the Over 18s were allowed out for a walk up to the shops. It was nice to see the area and buy some personal snacks.. eg HAM (20 slices lol)....

Last  night then we did art for downtime and made some fabulously abstract paintings :)

Awesome day!!!

Clóda xx


Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Outbox Inc - Day 2

Brekkie : Crunchy Nut cereal (so unlike me) and toasted belgian waffles <3
Lunch: Hot dogs, halloumi, relish, sandwiches
Dinner: Paella with roast veg! Fab!

Annemarie Cole - Session 1

Image result for salesforce
  • Works at Salesforce - background  in PR, banking, law and tech
  • Talk on Business Etiquette and Communication Skills

What does "Business Etiquette" mean?

- Good manners amongst an organisation
- Being a art of business culture
- Interaction with people


-Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot
-Being polite is universal
-It's important to greet people with confidence and a firm handshake. Make eye contact.
-Be on time or early, sets example for other employees.
-Be respectful of other people's point of view
-Be self-aware and use your common sense
-Never go over your supervisor's head
-Be positive and pro-active
-Strive to achieve a higher standard

Develop good work habits

Always go the extra mile but don't accept to do the impossible.
Be aware of your colleagues impression of you.
You have to learn to accept criticism as it will improve work skills.
Give compliments.

ABCs of image

Appearance - colours, wardrobe, grooming
Behaviour - etiquette, civility, attitiude, respect
Communication - verbal, nonverbal, written

Communication skills

-Sharing ideas, thoughts and feelings with other people
-All communication involves a sender and receiver
-The way we communicate is a learned style
-Be very aware of your body language 

Paper Exercise

We did a paper exercise where we kept our eyes closed, listened to instructions and folded/tore the paper as we were told.  Afterwards we opened our eyes and realised that we were all given the same tasks but had different end products! It was a fantastic exercise to show how colleagues can be given the same guidelines, but everyone will have slightly different ways of carrying them out.

Jeremy Waite: Big data and future career demand - Session 2

Image result for jeremy waite
Jeremy Waite from Salesforce works with big companies to show them how to present/advertise properly. He has worked with Coca-Cola, Facebook etc. So it was brilliant to have someone talk to us with such an outstanding background!!


This is like a more rapid, efficient way to pitch an idea than PowerPoint. Jeremy believes in breaking a big, long idea into something a lot smaller to facilitate people's attention spans. He spoke about his whole life with a slideshow in about 5 minutes:

  • 1876 companies compete with Salesforce
  • In 2008 he went bankrupt
  • He had a crash head on at 80 miles an hour
  • Bought a puppy and became a giraffe keeper
  • Started a blog because he had no money
  • Worked with Lego and Adobe
  • Started to speak at conferences
  • Self published a book
  • Works with Toms

"You can have everything you want in life if you can help enough other people get what they want in life"

He got the OB exec girls to speak about their Start-Ups and business ideas and my God I have to say the future is bright. Their ideas are excellent and the girls are all so passionate and talented! We will definitely hear some of their names in years to come!

I'm going to do.... to make.... better which is worth.... and measured by.....
^^^Fill in the spaces. You can apply this to anything in life!

Solve problems

It was an excellent session, probably my favourite so far and  he definitely inspired us all!!

Then that evening to channel our inner creativity, we took to knitting!! I came in too late though unforch and there was no needles so one of the girls showed me how to make a bracelet using just 7 strings of yarn and a piece of cardboard. It was nice to get my head out of the laptop for a short while!!

Talk tomorrow..

Clóda x


Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Outbox Inc - Day 1

Monday's meals

  • Breakfast - Jam on toast and cheerios
  • Lunch - sandwiches, chicken, roasties, tortillas, salsa
  • Dinner - nachos and burritos which I had never tried before so it was awesome to experience Mexican food
(All of the food here is amaaaaazing)

Stephanie Shirley - Session 1

Image result for stephanie shirley

For Session 1 we watched an interview that Stephanie Shirley did just for us where she answered our questions and spoke all about her career as a woman in tech. She began an early social business which was an All-Women's company in the 60s, when technology and business was a man's reserve. 

Steph Shirley, was discriminated for being a woman in the industry and so people wouldn't accept invites to her meetings.. so she printed her name as Steve for all business endeavours.

Steph answered a question on how to be successful by saying, your passion over your need for money will make you successful!

Her key tips for starting a business:

- If you're not sure about it  then don't do it.
-Secret to commercial success is surround yourself with 1st class people/people you like! Choose your partner very very carefully.
-If success were easy we'd all be millionaires.
- You need extraordinary energy and belief that you can do anything
-Tomorrow's never going to be like today and certainly not like yesterday
-If you were to design an app it would have to be something you're knowledgeable on
-Nothing that's worth doing is easy!!!!!!
-You become emotionally invested to something you are passionate about
-Do something that you really enjoy and DO IT!!

I really enjoyed the session. She was very inspiring and gave some very insightful tips!

Laura Kirsop - session 2

Image result for laura kirsop

Laura Kirsop directed session 2 which was all about Agile Development! She told us about her background as a primary school teacher then changed her career to get into STEM.
She has been involved with companies such as "Code Club" & "Future Learn" which offers free online courses for anyone (I'll definitely be checking it out)


  •  Working in teams of people with different talents
  •  Helping each other to solve problems
  •  Don't over-plan. Work in sprints
  •  Make lots of stuff quickly, deliver to customers and get feedback
  •  Keep on improving! Whether it's a start-up or product.
  1 Plan 2 Implement 3 Delivery & Planning


Laura wanted us to actually experience how it is to be agile. So we split into groups of 4 and were given the very simple, undescriptive task of making scary monsters out of paper/glitter/lollipop sticks and what not. However, it wasn't long before more unexpected, surprise tasks were thrown at us such as "Put in an extra arm" or "You can't use the colour orange" after you've already used that colour. It was a good exercise to see how we would handle the situation when things are thrown at you and how we planned in a limited time-frame. For a finish, we reviewed how we did. Did we follow the steps 1-3 for example. 

It was so much fun. Who doesn't love messing with coloured paper, glue and glitter? It was also a great team-work exercise and a fantastic lesson on how to be agile in the workplace!

This was our amazing monster. Isn't he/she only lovely?
(Btw we only had like 15 mins so don't judge.....)

Here are the others...

Chill Time

Everyday we have plenty of chill time/reflection time to catch up with each other and do write-ups/blog posts. So we all did that. I spent nearly 2 hours drawing a supposed logo for Orange Obviously. It's so childish and will literally never go anywhere so I just hung it up on me and Dami's door.
We were trying to think of something positive to do with our spare time so me and Millie decided to make a "Take a Compliment" poster for  everyone in the house! I always wanted to make one but never had an opportunity! It was great craic and you know, Positive Vibes!! :))

"Tech" a compliment.. How punny are we??

Last night was movie night so we finished our Bank Holiday Monday watching Love, Rosie - which I would highly recommend btw!!

Until Tomorrow,


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