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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Outbox Inc - Day 2

Brekkie : Crunchy Nut cereal (so unlike me) and toasted belgian waffles <3
Lunch: Hot dogs, halloumi, relish, sandwiches
Dinner: Paella with roast veg! Fab!

Annemarie Cole - Session 1

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  • Works at Salesforce - background  in PR, banking, law and tech
  • Talk on Business Etiquette and Communication Skills

What does "Business Etiquette" mean?

- Good manners amongst an organisation
- Being a art of business culture
- Interaction with people


-Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot
-Being polite is universal
-It's important to greet people with confidence and a firm handshake. Make eye contact.
-Be on time or early, sets example for other employees.
-Be respectful of other people's point of view
-Be self-aware and use your common sense
-Never go over your supervisor's head
-Be positive and pro-active
-Strive to achieve a higher standard

Develop good work habits

Always go the extra mile but don't accept to do the impossible.
Be aware of your colleagues impression of you.
You have to learn to accept criticism as it will improve work skills.
Give compliments.

ABCs of image

Appearance - colours, wardrobe, grooming
Behaviour - etiquette, civility, attitiude, respect
Communication - verbal, nonverbal, written

Communication skills

-Sharing ideas, thoughts and feelings with other people
-All communication involves a sender and receiver
-The way we communicate is a learned style
-Be very aware of your body language 

Paper Exercise

We did a paper exercise where we kept our eyes closed, listened to instructions and folded/tore the paper as we were told.  Afterwards we opened our eyes and realised that we were all given the same tasks but had different end products! It was a fantastic exercise to show how colleagues can be given the same guidelines, but everyone will have slightly different ways of carrying them out.

Jeremy Waite: Big data and future career demand - Session 2

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Jeremy Waite from Salesforce works with big companies to show them how to present/advertise properly. He has worked with Coca-Cola, Facebook etc. So it was brilliant to have someone talk to us with such an outstanding background!!


This is like a more rapid, efficient way to pitch an idea than PowerPoint. Jeremy believes in breaking a big, long idea into something a lot smaller to facilitate people's attention spans. He spoke about his whole life with a slideshow in about 5 minutes:

  • 1876 companies compete with Salesforce
  • In 2008 he went bankrupt
  • He had a crash head on at 80 miles an hour
  • Bought a puppy and became a giraffe keeper
  • Started a blog because he had no money
  • Worked with Lego and Adobe
  • Started to speak at conferences
  • Self published a book
  • Works with Toms

"You can have everything you want in life if you can help enough other people get what they want in life"

He got the OB exec girls to speak about their Start-Ups and business ideas and my God I have to say the future is bright. Their ideas are excellent and the girls are all so passionate and talented! We will definitely hear some of their names in years to come!

I'm going to do.... to make.... better which is worth.... and measured by.....
^^^Fill in the spaces. You can apply this to anything in life!

Solve problems

It was an excellent session, probably my favourite so far and  he definitely inspired us all!!

Then that evening to channel our inner creativity, we took to knitting!! I came in too late though unforch and there was no needles so one of the girls showed me how to make a bracelet using just 7 strings of yarn and a piece of cardboard. It was nice to get my head out of the laptop for a short while!!

Talk tomorrow..

Clóda x


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