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Friday, 4 September 2015

Outbox Inc - Day 3

Brekkie: Crunchy Nut cereal and toasted belgian waffles
Lunch: Quiche, broccoli salad, tuna and pitta bread
Dinner: Marinated cod, dauphinoise potatoes and steamed veg


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What is products management?

  • Communicating the product vision
  • Documenting & representing the customers' needs
  • Prioritizing competing requirement
  • Understanding customers' problems and needs
  • Validating product features to solve customer problems
  • Communicating product value


How do we build it?
How long will it take?
How much will it cost?
Who are we building it for? 
Why do they need it?

Eric Reis - The Lean Startup

Your idea is a hypothesis. It's a starting point for further investigation!!
Who  (Your customer
Why (Their problem)
What (Your solution)

I really enjoyed hearing about Lean Product Management, so much so that it got me thinking about making an app - kind of like a stylist app! 


How they think
What drives them
What worries them
How to reach them
How to talk them
How to surprise and delight them
What their problems & needs are

They gave some great advise..
-Don't create problems to justify your idea
-Don't mistake your opinions & assumptions for facts - stay objective and don't get overly attached to your product
-What is your unique solution to the consumer's problem?
-Is your solution a painkiller or a vitamin?
-Go talk to a customer!! Get feedback.
-Your family/friends are NOT your customer
-Don't mistake consumer's opinions for facts
-You're trying to understand their perspective not persuade them to agree with you
-If I can see further than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.

Here's a good guideline to follow when app-making..

My (app name) is for (your target customer) who (problem or need).

It's a (type of app) that (your key benefit)

Unlike (your key competitor), it (your key differentiator)

I absolutely loved this session as it has completely broadened my knowledge and perspective on product making!

Emma Sinclair

Emma Sinclair

The first thing I noticed about Emma when she walked into the room were the pink vibes and Hermes belt and I knew that we were in for a good session!! Plus she brought goodie bags so she had pretty much bought me over by then! That's how to make a first impression.

-She was never into tech.
-Has always been in jobs. 
-Has a photographic memory and so did well in school.
-Everyday from the age of 4 her father took her to school, she would read share prices on the stock exchange. It was completely accessible and easy for her by the time she was 18.
-Went to Uni to study languages, took out a Student Loan, and started trading on the stock market. 
-Over the course of the year she made quite a lot of money trading on Pizza Express.
-She started applying to banks and got offered loads of jobs.
-Before she never would have spoke in public, so she channeled her inner Sasha Fierce when having to do so.
-Emma learned a lot of business, maths & presentation skills.
-She wanted to have her own business, flexibility and a family.

At 29  she floated her company on the Stock Exchange and at 32 she sold her public company and started a parking company. She bought companies/sites that run car parks and introduced electronic features to the car park. Now she has her 3rd business - Enterprise Jungle!!

Here's some great tips/advice from Emma..

"You cannot run an empire or a business without your health! Feed yourself properly!"

Build your Twitter/Social community .. to be seen in a crowded room!

You will learn from everyone.

Every potential boss of yours is going to google you. Your social media is almost like your CV - be careful.

Unless someone's died, everything's fine

It's ok to put your hand up, gravitate and build a really great network of people



So Emma was generous enough to give us all some goodie bags! Each bag contained a healthy juice from Plenish Cleanse, an authentic lip balm and a sachet of probiotic. :)

In my bag there was a green juice that there was no chance of me drinking so Millie swapped with me!! She gave me this lovely Cacao one (Thanks Millie!)
Apparently it's completely natural and very healthy. I wonder could I get them in Ireland - I definitely would love these for on-the-go when I'm blogging and travelling to college.

That's not the colour... I drank it all lol.

These stunning little de Mamiel lipbalms smell divine and were special to Emma's heart as they were created by her friend.
Buy here : De Mamiel products

Take in how pretty the packaging is! I didn't open it for a day purely because of how dainty and appealing it looks.!!

Thanks Emma x

So anyway I've been pretty dizzy and what not all week staring at computer screens so I was thrilled when the Over 18s were allowed out for a walk up to the shops. It was nice to see the area and buy some personal snacks.. eg HAM (20 slices lol)....

Last  night then we did art for downtime and made some fabulously abstract paintings :)

Awesome day!!!

Clóda xx


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