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Monday, 7 September 2015


Brekkie: Toast with marmalade and Crunchy Nut cereal
Lunch: Tuna, wrap, salsa, deli
Dinner: THE most amazing cottage pie!!! And spinach pastry bake because everybody else ate all the veg before I could get some.
DESSERT!!!!!: Toffee cake and Lemon Drizzle Cake (Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm)

Session 1 - Live Interview with Emma McGuigan

Emma McGuigan

- When at school she liked maths & physics and loved making stuff. Emma earned to code when she was very young. She also loved the idea of making something from nothing!
- she got to do a year in France - studied engineering
- She loved the independence at uni


- Emma makes sure all people in tech are busy and working with clients.
- She makes sure that they as a business run well and make money.
- She thinks about how they can drive new technology and use it differently for their clients' needs.
H&M have taken a version of her app to help part-time workers know how to do their job!!

ACCENTURE - Emma's company

  • They help their clients (big companies) through tech solutions. Eg develop a supply chain.
  • Part of what creates the energy and optimism that she has is because of all the diverse things she does in life.
  • Every opportunity that came, she took it!
  • Emma loves people who care about things and have values big enough that they care to uphold. 
  • She loves people who will make things happen.
  • Her parents inspire her. Her mum didn't have a great education and made sure she had the best of education.
  • Sometimes it's the ordinary people doing the smaller things that inspire her.

Emma's tips for us..

Keep an open mind all the time and always enjoy people.

 How can YOU get the best out of a working relationship for the best productivity.

 If you create a good impression with somebody you can re-connect a network with them.

Don't get stuck doing something you hate doing.

We all need to laugh more than we probably do

Always be thinking what could be changed or what ideas you can bring to the world!

If you stop dreaming, you stop having good ideas!

If you think you're doing the right thing for the business then do it!

Just jump in and ask questions and ask for help!

Listening is key for going into the unknown.

You can find good in every choice you make. 

There's days where you feel like you want to conquer the world - cherish those days.

Appreciate what you have.

Be polite and charming and that's how you master networking!

Emma was an excellent speaker. I admired how comfortable she was in a room of strangers. I will definitely take a lot of her advise on board!!

Session 2 - Jenny Stannard

  • Works for TRL
  • She has an engineering degree
  • Jenny works as a transport psychologist
  • Works with electric cars

- 95% of collisions have a human factors cause
- There are unintended consequences of AVs
- AVs are expected to have a significant impact

Basically the session consisted of us talking about driverless cars. We didn't do much note-taking as it was group-based. I didn't agree with the idea of  these AV's but I respected Jenny for pitching her idea to us :)


So, by chance I put on makeup this morning (I've been bare-faced all week) and it just so happened to be the day that a TV crew came to film shots. They're running a documentary on our experience in the Outbox house! So we filmed loads of scenes and shots outside/in the house. We recorded sessions, group shots and dancing/chill time in the garden! It was a great experience!


(Neither of these photos are of me)

So today's downtime included yoga from Just Kay's Yoga and a dance class. I REAAAAALLLLLYYYY enjoyed this because I love sports and I've been missing Camogie so much while being away, so getting outside and moving was really motivating. 
On both Tuesday and Thursday I got up at like 7 o'clock to shower and have breakfast to prep for yoga but it wasn't on. It was so sad and tiring, so you can only imagine my excitement when Kay came into the house!! I loved the yoga. It was so calming and fun to try out. Believe it or not, I actually did a headstand!!! Now I want to take up yoga classes when I come home!

Next, a dancing instructor came to the house and still being on a high from the yoga, I instantly said yes. It was the best craic dancing to classics like Michael Jackson, Britney and Whip Nae Nae!! What a fantastic day!!


Clóda x


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