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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Outbox Inc - Day 1

Monday's meals

  • Breakfast - Jam on toast and cheerios
  • Lunch - sandwiches, chicken, roasties, tortillas, salsa
  • Dinner - nachos and burritos which I had never tried before so it was awesome to experience Mexican food
(All of the food here is amaaaaazing)

Stephanie Shirley - Session 1

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For Session 1 we watched an interview that Stephanie Shirley did just for us where she answered our questions and spoke all about her career as a woman in tech. She began an early social business which was an All-Women's company in the 60s, when technology and business was a man's reserve. 

Steph Shirley, was discriminated for being a woman in the industry and so people wouldn't accept invites to her meetings.. so she printed her name as Steve for all business endeavours.

Steph answered a question on how to be successful by saying, your passion over your need for money will make you successful!

Her key tips for starting a business:

- If you're not sure about it  then don't do it.
-Secret to commercial success is surround yourself with 1st class people/people you like! Choose your partner very very carefully.
-If success were easy we'd all be millionaires.
- You need extraordinary energy and belief that you can do anything
-Tomorrow's never going to be like today and certainly not like yesterday
-If you were to design an app it would have to be something you're knowledgeable on
-Nothing that's worth doing is easy!!!!!!
-You become emotionally invested to something you are passionate about
-Do something that you really enjoy and DO IT!!

I really enjoyed the session. She was very inspiring and gave some very insightful tips!

Laura Kirsop - session 2

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Laura Kirsop directed session 2 which was all about Agile Development! She told us about her background as a primary school teacher then changed her career to get into STEM.
She has been involved with companies such as "Code Club" & "Future Learn" which offers free online courses for anyone (I'll definitely be checking it out)


  •  Working in teams of people with different talents
  •  Helping each other to solve problems
  •  Don't over-plan. Work in sprints
  •  Make lots of stuff quickly, deliver to customers and get feedback
  •  Keep on improving! Whether it's a start-up or product.
  1 Plan 2 Implement 3 Delivery & Planning


Laura wanted us to actually experience how it is to be agile. So we split into groups of 4 and were given the very simple, undescriptive task of making scary monsters out of paper/glitter/lollipop sticks and what not. However, it wasn't long before more unexpected, surprise tasks were thrown at us such as "Put in an extra arm" or "You can't use the colour orange" after you've already used that colour. It was a good exercise to see how we would handle the situation when things are thrown at you and how we planned in a limited time-frame. For a finish, we reviewed how we did. Did we follow the steps 1-3 for example. 

It was so much fun. Who doesn't love messing with coloured paper, glue and glitter? It was also a great team-work exercise and a fantastic lesson on how to be agile in the workplace!

This was our amazing monster. Isn't he/she only lovely?
(Btw we only had like 15 mins so don't judge.....)

Here are the others...

Chill Time

Everyday we have plenty of chill time/reflection time to catch up with each other and do write-ups/blog posts. So we all did that. I spent nearly 2 hours drawing a supposed logo for Orange Obviously. It's so childish and will literally never go anywhere so I just hung it up on me and Dami's door.
We were trying to think of something positive to do with our spare time so me and Millie decided to make a "Take a Compliment" poster for  everyone in the house! I always wanted to make one but never had an opportunity! It was great craic and you know, Positive Vibes!! :))

"Tech" a compliment.. How punny are we??

Last night was movie night so we finished our Bank Holiday Monday watching Love, Rosie - which I would highly recommend btw!!

Until Tomorrow,



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