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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Madam Rage

Happpppyyy Wednesday all of you wonderful people who GOT ME TO 8000 VIEWS!!!!!! Do I hear a giveaway at 10,000?? ;)

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So today I shot this Autumnal look from Madam Rage.  They're such a fab company and I'm pretty sure they supply to a lot of different shops!

This dress is simply stunning! You all know from my Penneys Haul that I'm IN LOVE with Paisley prints this season!! 

That plummy/burgundy colour is my absolute must-have lately. I have it in shoes, dresses, bags - you name it! By the way, these lace-up block heels are from Penneys!! (Duhh))

How awesome are the puff cuffs on the sleeves?? Lusting!! 

I then decided to change up the look with boots and tights to make it more Wintery and accessible.

The colours in all the scenery around The Ragg are just everything!!

Huge thank you to my main, who was my photographer for the day! He's the best to motivate me, Daddy dearest! He insisted that I include this final photo (even though it's blurry) because it apparently captures the "real" me. Lolol!

Love always,

Clóda x


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  1. Ho Clóda, just wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for a Leibster Award!
    I really like your blog and feel you deserve it!
    Love and good vibes
    Claire x


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