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Monday, 23 November 2015

TV I can't live without!


Helllllo there!!
I thought with my Sky TV not working for 2 weeks, there would be nothing better than to pine for my fave shows and tell you all what I'm lovin'. So, it's very ironic how I'm telling you about the TV shows I can't  live without when I kind of am living without them......


Home And Away..

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Weekdays at 1.30(RTE 1) & 6.30(RTE 2)

Ahhh good ole' Home and Away!! Is there honestly anything better?? I can't miss an episode.. Even if it means having to record it and watch it 2 days later, it just cannot be missed! It is the only soap I watch and let's be real we all love a bit of fictional drama. The soothing Australian accents, the golden beaches and even Alf Stewart alone would have you watching. I am so attached to the show. I never watch ahead like other people, but let the drama unfold for myself. If you don't watch H&A, I advise you to but I warn you, there's only one Braxton brother left so don't be holding out for them anytime soon.


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Catch it on Comedy Central everyday, most times of the day!

Possibly the greatest TV series of all time.. Correction - It IS THE greatest!!! I have seen every episode about a thousand times and I can heartily say that it just never gets old!! What is it about F.R.I.E.N.D.S that it is impossible to get sick of?? The writers are just second to none. I am always quoting the show in real life and in writing etc. They cleverly put together the most unlikely, yet very likely group of friends. The characters and the storylines are so realistic and relatable. So much so that I sometimes feel like I'm a part of their 90s New York City life. I watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S back-to-back everyday. Even just having it on in the background calms me and makes me feel safe. So this week the house is so quiet without it.. It's a real struggle :(



I am literally laughing OUT LOUD watching those gifs^^^
Is anybody else sounding it out (in their voices) in your heads too?


The X Factor

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Saturdays and Sundays on TV3 & ITV at 8pm

LOVE LOVE LOVE!! This show is what my Winter consists of!! There is no better feeling than sticking on X Factor, roaring fire, phone in hand, and cuddled up with my dog Robbie on the couch!!
I don't even listen when people try to claim that it's tripe.. I just ignore them! It's one of my favourite shows of all time!! I mean the taaaalent this year is cradiculous (so crazy/ridiculous that I made them one word)!!! Who else is bagging on Louisa Johnson to win??

Geordie Shore

Tuesdays at 10pm on MTV

Controversial one perhaps...? It's rude, it's vulgar, it's violent, it's scripted, it's hilarious, it's dramatic, but my God it is addictive. I constantly want to keep up with the Geordies and see what antics they'll get up to and what fights will break out.. But besides all the scripted drama, I kind of love the characters. And the girls have got styyyyyle!

New Findings

Impractical Jokers

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Weekdays at 7pm on Comedy Central

When I hear "4 Life Long Friends Who Compete To Embarrass Each Other...." come on, I instantly put down the phone and start watching. I probably discovered this Hidden Camera show about half a year ago and it's fair to say that myself and my mother have been hooked on it since! Joe, Murr, Q and Sal are just the funniest guys and play the most brutally hilarious pranks on the public and each other!! It is much better than any other prank show you will ever see!! ADORE!

The Walking Dead

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Soooo, watching this was never my own choice. Literally every time i go to Jack's house he is in the middle of a Walking Dead marathon so I guess I've grown to quite like it haha :). I only see the odd episode because I don't have Netflix. But if you have it, you should totally check it out.. It's certainly entertaining and I know I probably would be addicted if I had Netflix.. It would be all-round very dangerous if I had it!!

I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here

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Every night at 9pm on ITV

Wow my boyfriend's taste really does influence me!! Can you believe I have never watched I'm A Celeb before this series?? I only really started watching it because Jack does and typical that I like it and Sky won't work... So thanks to the help of Snapchat friends last night I found that I can actually catch up on UTV or ITV player!! Yaaaay!! I don't know much about the show, I'm still learning!! Do you all like it?? Let me know!

So there you have it.. And moral of the story, you can totally live without your TV...... 

If you have a laptop that lets you catch up, Netflix and someone else's TV to watch... lol

Good night,
Clóda X



  1. Brilliantly written, I especially loved the paragraph about "Friends" - one of my all time favourite TV shows in the history of ever!


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