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Monday, 2 May 2016

Boutique of Molly - Cold Shoulder Style

Hi everyone, hope you all had a lovely, enjoyable long weekend! Thank God we were blessed with good weather for parts of it! It's officially summer now so I don't care how cold it is, I'm wearing summer style haha!!

One of my favourite things about summer fashion is that you can be super experimental with colours and accessories. And the weather makes taking blog photos much easier haha!

A big trend this year, as most of you know is the "Cold Shoulder" look! And I have to say I am beginning to absolutely love it! I think it's a style that suits everyone because the shoulders and collarbones are such pretty features..

For this blog post I have collaborated with Boutique Of Molly for the second time since coming into contact with them. I really love working with them because they have such stunning, girly pieces but at the same time are very affordable.

I absolutely love this "Cold Shoulder" top from Boutique of Molly! It's so different and oh so gorgeous. I am obsessed with all the various details. The lace daisies, the bell sleeves, the tie up with a cut-out! It just makes a pair of average white shorts look that bit dressier!

My shorts are from Zara in the sale last year. Zara is by far one of my favourite high street stores and if I have any fashion advise for ye, it's to hit it up when they are having a sale. You will find absolute gems for half nothing!

My sandals were also a bargain buy! I had been looking for them for months last summer and had given up hope on ever getting them as they were sold out everywhere! Randomly enough then when I was in Parfois in Portugal I spotted them and they were half price! I get so lucky with sales..

I decided for once, I would actually do something else with my hair instead of just leaving it straight as usual lol.. I actually quite like this loose curl/beach waves look!! 
And how cool is this flower crown from Lushuaia.. Pity I've no festivals to wear it to!

Also cheeeccckkkk ouuuuut that highlight!! The SoSu Contour palette is actually my life! It is my absolute go-to when I'm getting dolled up. Best €30 I ever spent!

Ammm what is this hand doing?^^^^

 Kane loves to be in on the action too haha

Awwww please I can't handle how cute Kane looks in this photo! Posed at the perfect time...

Let's hope this fab weather continues..

Until next time,


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