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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Lunch at Bar Solo, Galway

Happy Fri-Yay!!
 Hello again, blogging from New York.. (that doesn't get old)

Today's post is a review of a lunch I ate at Bar Solo in The Connacht Hotel, Co. Galway. Those of you who follow me on snapchat (cloddscan) may remember I was there a few weeks ago with my fellow bloggers Shona from Sho Style and Kerrie from Bella and Vogue.
When we are together Into The West Blogger Network refer to three of us as the "Dream Team" haha. I'm so glad to be a part of such a fantastic network like ITWBN, because I've made friendships that will last a lifetime.

So, the Dream Team were invited down to try out Bar Solo's new Summer Lunch menu. I was very excited to get the invite as I had been in The Connacht last month for ITWBN's 2nd Birthday and was obsessed with the daiquiris, so I was hoping the food would be just as good!

Straight away, the staff were extremely accommodating and welcoming, and our server was gas so we knew we were in for an afternoon of laughs and fun!

- Starter -

  Shredded Duck & Noodle Salad

I was very impressed with the presentation from the word go. As I ate through the salad, I could see how each layer had something different to offer. It was carefully planned - I like that. I'm not usually a salad person, but this sounded too interesting to pass off!

The first taste was strong in Parmesan and I love my cheeses, so that set the tone straight away for me! The crisp bread that you can see around the edges of the bowl were so light and added such a nice touch rather than your typical doughy bread! The shredded duck was cold which was a pleasant surprise as it cooled down the kick of the chilli sauce from the noodles.
An unusual piece about this salad was the inclusion of roasted peanuts, which were a lovely crunch amongst the soft duck and smooth noodles!
Overall it was a very luxurious tasting salad and the hint of basil was just enough to complete the dish!

- Main Course -

Punjabi Style Chicken Curry

I love me some Indian food, therefore I know how good it can and can't be, so I just had to opt for the Punjabi Style Curry when I saw it on the menu! After a few bites I noticed a nice hint of spices which weren't too strong or too hot. They were dry spiced on the chicken breast and then the curry sauce was drizzled over it. It was very different to what I had tasted before, as regards the style of Indian cooking, but very satisfying all the same! It was a beautiful creamy tomato sauce, quite like Tikka Masala, but not half as heavy.
The Basmati rice was so fluffy and very tasty to eat plain, as well as with the sauce. The coriander bread was absolutely diviiiine! It was the chef's own take on Naan and it was perfect for dipping into the sauce. It had the perfect balance of being light and crispy on one side and warm and doughy on the other side! Licked the plate clean!!!

There was absolutely no way that I was coming back to The Connacht without having my absolute fave from Bar Solo...

A daiquiri of course!

The last time I lusted over the Strawberry one so this time I had the Raspberry and the girls had Mojitos.

I seem to have missed the memo on the whole marble phone cases...

 Sooo many photos were taken...

As you can imagine, I was only thrilled to see some orange décor.. obviously?? 

- Dessert - 

Raspberry Roulade

Just gave you a little sneak of the girls' desserts too. How sensational do they look??
The presentation for each course was amazing, but just look at those desserts... Second to none!
The roulade instantly melted onto my tongue.. I loved the raspberry mousse filling, as it was soft and sweet. Fresh coulis to dip into made for the perfect mouth-watering summer dessert. 
It was so light and easy to eat after scoffing down to delicious courses previous to this!
It was simply the perfect gooey goodness!

Honestly after all of it, I was put into a food coma for about 2 hours - but isn't that the ideal Sunday situation? Fed for the day and then bed for the day.. Hahah

 If you are in Galway City, and want to eat a nice summer lunch  away from all the hustle and bustle of the inner city, Bar Solo at The Connacht is ideal.
 It's family friendly, caters for big groups, has TV's so you'll never miss any matches.. Can't recommend it enough!

Keep up to date with Bar Solo and The Connacht here:

Now I'll just leave you with some obligatory selfie-taking, outfit posts and flower photos...

Have a nice weekend,

This was a collaboration with Into The West Blogger Network but all opinions are honest and my own words.


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