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Saturday, 11 June 2016

Pampering at Bellissimo Galway

Hello everyone from sunny New York.. It feels so surreal typing that!!

Anywayyyy, last Saturday I was lucky enough to get invited up to Bellissimo in Galway to get my hair and nails done by the lovely ladies in the salon. It was an ideal excuse to spend the long weekend in Galway!

My first impressions of the salon are fantastic. It's so fresh and modern and the staff are all very friendly and helpful. It screamed luxury as soon as I walked through the door!!

Firstly I got my nails done. As always, I live for my shellac nails so that's what I opted for. I find shellac the best way to keep my nails strong and also protected, as I play camogie and guitar. So in order to keep my nails long, shellac is the best for me..

The shellac that the nail tech used is called CND Polish which I'm sure a lot of you have heard of as it is the original shellac brand. There was a great range of CND colours to choose from so I was spoiled for choice. I didn't know what colours to go for, but keeping my holiday to New York in mind I opted for a fairly neutral colour scheme.
I chose a beautiful pastel pink and a hot pink with sparkles for the ring fingers..

The lady who did my nails was so lovely. She suggested colours, shape etc. 
Everything was very professional. She ensured that time was taken to file the nails into a nice rounded almond shape. Her application of the polish was very thorough and she did an excellent job.  I was so happy with them! A week later, after travelling and exploring New York, they are still looking very fresh, so I am absolutely delighted with my nail experience at Bellissimo

Next it was time to get my hair done at the other side of the salon. And wow I had never seen anything like it. There must have been about 15-20 hair stations.. It was amazing

Just like the nail treatment, I cannot recommend the hairdressing enough to you. Everything was second to none. Again, the staff were continuously accommodating and friendly, enhancing my overall enjoyment of the pampering experience.

Something unique to Bellissimo, which is so amazing and relaxing for the client was the recliner seats at the basin when getting your hair washed. Oh my god, it was just fab to put my feet up while getting my hair massaged and washed. Let's be honest we all absolutely love getting our hair washed at the hairdressers - soooo relaxing.. I was nearly asleep at the basin, it was that good.

I decided after the blowdry to go for some soft curls to bring up my new écaille highlights. How amazing did my hair look? The curls lasted right through to the next day too - very impressed!!


Bellissimo is an extremely popular/busy spot and I can see exactly why. It is so convenient. 
It's only a 5 minute walk from Eyre Square.
Located in an industrial park means there is lots of room for parking.
If you want to get your hair done but also your nails, or anything beauty related, it's all in one place and will save you a lot of time and hassle.

Something which is very special about Bellissimo in Galway is their wig service.
Bellissimo have been providing expert advice and discreet service to wig wearers in Galway and Ireland for over 14 years. There are two forms of wig wearers, the necessity wearer which includes those suffering from alopecia or those undergoing chemotherapy therapy treatment and also the fashion wearer, those who like to change style from day to day to suit their mood.

I just think the whole idea behind the wigs and their ethos is amazing, and I just wanted to give it a mention because perhaps not everyone knows about it!

This is my honest opinion of Bellissimo, as I was treated to a blow dry and shellac. But I really really loved every minute of the experience and I will 100% be back again! Thank you so so much to the staff at Bellissimo for inviting me, spoiling me ad sharing my blog on their social media!

You can follow Bellissimo here:

Website : Bellissimo Galway

Until next time,


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