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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Student Accommodation - The Essentials

Hi Everyone, hope you are all well.
 Congrats to everyone who has got college offers this week, I know how fantastic it feels!! And to those who didn't, it's not the end of the world. There are so many different life paths and options these days.

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I couldn't be happier and prouder to announce that after a long but worthwhile year out, I am finally heading off to college! I got my No.1 choice, Arts International in University College Cork (UCC).
Everything is coming together pretty quickly now that I have a place in college. I am moving down to Cork this Friday (whaaaat?).  I was lucky enough to get a place in Brookfield Student Village, so I am essentially moving into a new home.

Throughout the year, I've been picking up little things that I knew I would need for college, but I finalised everything and bought all my essentials yesterday!

Bare in mind, my brother and best friend have both put down a year in college, so I knew exactly what I would need to buy myself and what student accommodation supplies. Of course everywhere is different, but for first timers I've listed some of the basic necessities that you will need and some things that I got to make the place a bit more homely!

Bedroom Bits..

So obviously, you're going to be supplied with a bed and a mattress but you bring everything else yourself. Luckily we had a spare duvet and plenty of spare sheets, but I had to get new pillows.
You will see that most of the things in this post are from Penneys (shocker!) but that's because their homeware section is cheap as chips and in fact there's reductions at the moment so call into your local Penneys to grab a bargain! I got my 2 pillows for only €8!! I think that price is fantastic as they are large sized microfibre pillows! Ideal..

I picked up this reversible duvet cover/pillow slip set a few months ago because I loved the Moroccan pattern, and I think it is still in stock in some Penneys. I'm not 100% sure about the price, but for a Double bed I think a set is €16

These aren't a necessity, but I want my new room to be cute and comfy, so cushions are a must!
Cream was ideal for me if I ever want to change colour schemes etc. There was about 7 different colours available in Penneys. They are good thick cushions too, which is always a plus.
Reduced from €9 to €7.90 .. Every penny counts!

A 10pk of Non-Slip pastel hangers reduced to €3.90 in Penneys.. Can you go wrong?

Earlier this year, I bought this full length mirror in EuroSaver for only €5.. I made sure to buy it when there was plenty in stock for that price.. At least if it breaks it was only a fiver!

The marble wash basket of dreams... €5

I know these kind of things aren't everyone's cup of tea but I have been waiting for so long to get the likes of fairy lights & cute room decorations, and I finally had an excuse to purchase them. Both are battery powered and from Penneys.
Led lights reduced to €2.90
Large '&' sign reduced to €5

 Ohhh and just to add to the cuteness and pink vibes, I picked up these fab little wooden heart lanterns. They were down to €2 so how could I leave them behind? Also I got some lovely Apple scented tealights in Penneys to pop into the lanterns.. DELISH

Surprise surprise another Penneys candle. €4

Towels (yes they get their own subheading..)

I brought my Mam house shopping with me and we agreed that 6 X Large towels were a good amount to buy. I'll bring 3 down to Cork one week, and the other 3 the next week. So basically a set will be washed and dried back at home and ready for the next week.
 I then got 5 medium sized bath towels for my hair and a pack of facecloths. The reason why my towels are all colour coordinated is so that they are top priority on Mammy's washing list when I come home at the weekend! All from Penneys.
X Large towels reduced to €7
Medium bath towels reduced to €5.50
3pk facecloths only €2

Being the good housemate that I am, I said sure hey I might as well get hand towels while I'm at it. So to keep it colour neutral I chose navy blue.
4pk reduced from €9 to €7.90

There's no way I could move out of home and not get funky tea towels. I'll have no bother cleaning up after myself because I'll be mad to use these bad boys. I mean just look at the attention to detail..
(I wonder how long it'll take for the novelty to wear off).
2pk novelty tea-towels €4

Then I thought to myself, I better have a backup so that my pretty tea towels don't get destroyed. So i got these boring ones too!
3pk for €4

Everything Else..

 According to my bestie Emma, this is an absolute must-have when living in student accommodation.
1. There might be only one socket in the room.
2. It might be nowhere near your bed
Let's be real though between plugging in chargers, laptops, hair dryers etc, this is one of the things I wouldn't have even thought of until it was brought to my attention. Super handy.
My Mam got this in Home Store & More for only €4.99. Buy one here

Again, 2 appliances I never would have thought of, but I imagine are lifesavers for a college-goer on the run. You could cook so much on the Foreman from toast, to steak to eggs etc.
I couldn't tell you what price either are but you can get them in most electrical/homeware stores.

I love a good stirfry so I picked up these shabby-chic chopping boards to chop all my veg! I bought them in Lidl a few months ago so I doubt they're still in stores but I bet you could find similar in the likes of TK Maxx or Home Store & More. So Gorge!

 I bought a new hairdryer & hairbrush just for college. Realistically I can't bring them up and down every weekend because I would definitely end up leaving them back at home. It's just easier to have a spare of everything for college!
£11.99 from Superdrug. You can buy it here

 Travel toiletry sets for €5 from Penneys. This is essential for moving out and being able to see where everything is very clearly. It will help big time with organising all my makeup!

And finally the last thing I picked up was a bit of motivation!
 I got some new gym gear from Penneys, so hopefully I'll keep up a good level of fitness and a relatively healthy regime in college!
Top €4.50
Shorts €5

 Thanks so much for reading! If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave them in the comments! Hope this has helped some of you as I know there was a demand for this post.

Ohh and best of luck on your new adventure! Enjoy making a new home for yourself!




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