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Friday, 2 December 2016

Orange Obviously Turns Two

Where it all began...


I don't remember the exact date of when my blog began if I'm completely honest.
I remember in late 2013 that I wanted to create my own blog, combining my love for fashion and writing!

The blogosphere is relatively new but has taken Ireland by storm particularly in the last two years.
I remember the first bloggers I knew of were Sarah Ashcroft and Charlotte Fisher. I absolutely idolised them and thought, why don't I try something like this?
I eventually bit the bullet in early 2014 & created my own blog. I researched how to get set up on "blogger/blogspot", made a new Instagram account and that was the birth of Orange Obviously!

I didn't post for ages because I didn't have the confidence to so I can't remember the actual date that I began my blog, but for some reason I always have November 2014 in my head. 
So I guess you could say that my blog is 2 years old this past month? Yeah we'll go with that!

Happy 2nd Birthday Orange Obviously haha!!

What's with the name?

Over the past 2 years of blogging, networking and posting content on the internet, an extremely common question I get asked is "Why did you call your blog Orange Obviously?"

So yeah, when I was thinking of a blog name I didn't want to limit myself. Lots of bloggers have words related to their blog genre in their name, beauty, fashion etc. Which I think, fair play to them, you know straight off the mark what they're about!
But at the time I didn't know where my blog would lead me and what it's potential was.
While I mainly write about fashion, I also do personal/lifestyle posts like this one! And tbh people love when I write my own words like this because it's so raw and honest!

Looking back now I'm so glad that I came up with 'Orange Obviously' because to a stranger it has absolutely no meaning. I like that! People question it, people ask why that's my blog name, people want to know about it because it's not cliché. It's so random that I can literally do what I want with it in the future!

When I created my blog, I had a serious obsession with the colour orange! I even had an orange-themed 18th birthday party! That obsession is not as strong now but it's still my favourite colour. (I don't like to be too mainstream..).. 
So bearing in mind that I wanted my blog name to be authentic and nothing like other blogs, I began thinking. What is unique about me that I love? The colour Orange.. It seemed OBVIOUS to put it in my name (excuse the pun). Then being the overtly enthusiastic English student that I was in 5th year, I wanted to use "alliteration" so that my blog would have a nice ring to it! Hence, Orange Obviously..
Yes, I really gave it thought! haha

Sometimes I cringe when people ask about the blog because it's mine, it's my little creation, my own personal little corner of the internet. I need to learn to be more proud of myself and what I have built from nothing! The endless opportunities and my busy lifestyle as a result of my blog speak for themselves I reckon! 

I do believe in myself. I'm extremely ambitious and I have serious drive when I want to. My goals and dreams are huge. The things I relay in my head about the future make me smile daily. But none of these mean squat if I don't start believing in my blog and brand more. How come as Irish people we are very reluctant to give ourselves a pat on the back?

So starting today, writing this post, I promise to start believing in myself and what I've created!
I don't care what may be said about me and my blog behind closed doors. It takes balls to put yourself out there, put your life and experiences out in writing for everyone to see and talk about. 
I reckon after 2 years it's about time for me to say, you know what fair play to me!!

What's happened?

Wow!! The amount of things that I've done blog related is mad for such a short space of time!
The opportunities have been countless and I'm beyond grateful for it all.

I was part of an Outbox Incubator programme organised by Stemettes in Summer 2015.
Because of my blog I was one of 200 girls across UK, Ireland and Europe to come and stay in a house in London with other girls interested in STEM. I spent a week in a house in London with other amazing young women. It was a huge step in getting my blog off the ground and one of my first ventures as a blogger! 
We had an intensive week of exchanging ideas and business startups. It was amazing and so inspirational. I learned there that blogging is all about networking and building up your contact list. It was an amazing experience and I was extremely fortunate to have been picked!

Over the summer I was invited to a fundraiser in Mayo to put together a fashion segment. I basically styled looks from local boutiques and gave styling advice. It was so scary to speak in front of a few hundred people but so worthwhile and another stepping stone in leading me where I want to go!

When I learned that I had to add to my contact list I started to reach out to other Irish bloggers. I became a part of some brilliant blogger support groups and networks but the most substantial one that I've joined is the Into The West Blogger Network (ITWBN). Over the last year I've grown so close to Sinéad & Saibh, the founders of ITWBN. They are two of the most inspirational, outstanding women I know. Every time I meet them I'm greeted with the biggest smile and the warmest welcome! They 100% believe in me and have given me amazing opportunities! Thank you ladies! X

For any bloggers reading I would advise you to join ITWBN. It is super supportive and educational. I can't believe the amount of really good friends I have made through blogging and attending ITWBN events!

Since then, Sinéad from ITWBN has gone on to be founder and CEO of the Irish Blogger Agency. It officially launched this Autumn in Dublin and Cork and what a success it has been. It is Ireland's leading agency for Digital Influencer Marketing. Sinéad's goal is to connect brands & influencers. Essentially she is planning on getting dedicated bloggers paid work with brands. This is a huge step forward for my blog, because I could start making money from blogging and eventually lead to a business startup or career! It's an exciting move for 2017 and I can't wait to see what is in store!

It's a Commitment

Believe it or not, blogging isn't all just fun and games. It's a pretty huge commitment in fact!
I'm pretty particular about the way I write. I have a certain writing style, so not any old words will do for me! I like to feature a bit of punch and abbreviations in my posts. So writing good quality blog posts take time. Hours even. A lot of thought and planning goes into my posts.

Photography is a very important aspect of my blog, especially because I feature fashion shots. Good photos don't come easy. I invested in a Nikon D200 a few years ago and didn't like the shots I was getting. So in August I traded it for the Olympus Pen E-PL7, known for being THE blogger camera!
The size is much more practical for when I'm on the go to events etc.
It has a WiFi function, meaning I can upload my photos to Instagram instantly on the go. This saves me time and energy! So really I've committed hugely to my blog by investing in it!

Posting constantly on Social Media can actually be a task. I don't want to put out just anything. I like my content to be good quality and of interest to my readers! It's a full time commitment but I love it!

What has my blog done for me and for you, the reader?

Not only has my blog brought me great opportunities and fantastic friends, it has been an outlet for me through tough times and a space to share my personal experiences with you all! Writing, for me, is so therapeutic. It clears me mind and helps me to relax. When I was going through tough times,  I would attend an event or meet with other bloggers and instantly I was happier! I don't know where I would be without my blog now.

My blog actually got me a place in college! I don't mean literally. But by writing a personal blog I improved my English skills for my Leaving Cert. Then when I was doing my English Paper 1, there was a Question where you were to write a Travel Blog. Well I nearly jumped out of my seat with joy because I was a blogger and had an advantage. I knew the layout, I knew how to write with punch.. And in the end it stood to me because I got an A in English which got me great LC points and now I'm in college doing a course I really enjoy. 

My favourite thing about blogging is sharing my passion, knowledge and loves with you. You all know me as the biggest bargain hunter when it comes to clothes/beauty/ homeware. I get screenshots and messages off girls saying that I find the best deals for them, most of who are students! I would be  grabbing these deals for myself anyway so I'm happier to share with my followers. I love when people tell me that they enjoy my snapchat hauls or outfit pics, because it makes it all worthwhile. 

There is literally no better feeling than knowing I inspire other young women. I'm always an open ear to girls looking for advise, whether it be about where to buy a dress for a special occasion or advise on career prospects or relationships etc. I'm always so happy to help. It's brilliant that girls see me as someone they can turn to, and they genuinely want my opinion. 

That is why I keep doing what I do. Not just for my own love of it, but because I know I'm actually having an impact on people and that ye actually want to read what I have to say!

So for that Thank You. I can't wait to continue creating content for you all  in 2017!

What Next???

So what is in store for Orange Obviously next? 
I think 2017 is going to be a good year for my blog. I've moved to Cork, so hopefully I will start to gain a following in this area. 
There will be lots of collabs and cool projects coming up next year with the Irish Blogger Agency which I'm beyond excited for!!!

Also my YouTube/Vlogging is definitely going to become a bigger aspect of my blog as well as Travel & Adventure segments!!
I'm heading to Madrid in January. So I will be shooting a travel vlog, and I will soon be posting my Kilimanjaro Travel Vlog too. 
I will be very busy juggling college, shoots and blogging but I wouldn't have it any other way!!

As regards to the future of Orange Obviously, who knows where it will take me. I'm always immersing myself in new projects and getting involved in things.

So watch this space!!

Thank you all for everything.
The likes, the messages, the shares, the support, the sincerity.

Here's to the next 2 years!!!

Much Love,


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