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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Madrid Shopping Haul

Heyyy everyone, and happy Wednesday!
Hope you're all having a lovely week. I'm straight back from Madrid and thrown right into the depths of reality again. I'm loving being back in Cork seeing everyone again and getting back into college!

As promised on my snapchat (@cloddscan if you'd like to give me a follow...) I am showing you a haul post of what I bought in Madrid.

It's truly a magnificent city! I'm so excited to start working on the vlog and the travel blog post on Madrid. I think you guys are going to love it!

You can't have a city break holiday in a European city and not check out the shopping scene.. Or maybe that's just me... But the shopping in Madrid was fab - it's such a pity we didn't have more time but I picked up some absolute gems.


I was so excited to get to visit Zara in Madrid as it's one of my all time fave high-street stores, but it actually originates in Spain so the stock was amazing!! So much more choice than at home!
The first item I picked up was this stunning grey suede jacket. I had my eye on it for about a month so it just had to be mine! The colour is so rich and the material feels so soft! I know I'm going to wear it to death ha! €49.95

Next I got a grey jumper - perfect for throwing on with a pair of jeans and running to college. I just totally lust over bell sleeves and love the bow detailing on this! It was suuuch a bargain too. Nabbed it at the sale price of €5.99!

LOOOOVE these! I've always been so scared to leave my trusty skinny jeans to try the extreme-ripped relaxed fit. But when I tried them on I actually fell in love with them! So glad I went with my gut and bought them. Paired it with a black belt to add a bit of definition to my waist! €17.99

Aren't these the coolest? I spotted them from across the shop and just instantly knew they were made for me. I've already worn them with the ripped jeans I also bought and they are so so funky!! 12.99


I just bought this one thing in Stradivarius. I loved the rich grey shade straight away. It's super soft and I like all the quotes. €7.99


One of the places I was most excited to visit in Madrid was the huge Primark on the street Gran Via. It has 5 floors, lights and music flashing everywhere..  it's literally everything I've ever dreamed of!
I got this cute sparkly journal. I'm a stationary junkie so I bought this in the hopes of it becoming my travel diary. €3.50

How cute is this gúna? It was reduced to €10 and I thought it's perfect for coming into Spring fashion. It's actually midi style but I will sinch it in at the waist with a belt.

This caught my eye as soon I turned into the lingerie section. I'm so obsessed with gorgeous lace bralets. I just can't get enough of them. Another for the collection! €9


The thing that I love about shopping in other countries is finding unreal high street stores that are exclusive to that country. I stumbled upon this store, Springfield and just had a quick gander. I was instantly drawn to the studded detail on this shoulder bag. And even better, it was on sale for only €9.95


This is not Madrid-related but on the way home we stopped into Kildare Village and I got some amazing deals that I just have to inform ye about. There is a seriously good sale on in the Nike store right now. I got the black trainers for ONLY €45 and the pink pair for €40! I was delighted to get the bargain because I had been on the lookout for a good pair of running shoes and a new pair for the gym so I'm sorted! Also while I was there I said I would finally get a pair of Calvin's just to try out designer underwear. This little orange (obviously) beaut was €13 so it was totally justifiable.


On our travels we stumbled upon this fabulous Spanish homeware store. And you know me now, I can never say no to a good homeware purchase. What's even better is that everything was ridiculously affordable but fab stock. The aroma when I walked into the shop was so tantalizing!! I inquired and it was a cherry blossom reed diffuser. €9.95 There was no way I was coming home without it! Adoooore it, so I got the matching room spray too. €6.99

Aren't these little tealight candle holders just gorge?? Obsessed! They were only €1.90 each!!
I've checked and I can't seem to find an online store for Muy Mucho which makes me terribly sad!! 
I guess it'll be an excuse to go back to Spain when my reed diffuser is all gone lol..


You'll know if you follow me on Snapchat that the Lancome Énergie De Vie liquid moisturiser is my absolute bae. I think it gives my skin such a nice glow and I just like the liquid consistency on my skin! But I buy the 50ml like this one for €50 usually. My Mam spotted this set in Sephora. It includes the 50ml, and 3 other Lancome products for only €44.95. Can you cope like?? What a bargain!

While in Sephora I just decided I would try out their own brand setting spray. It's just lovely to refresh your face with during the day or to wake you up in the morning. €13.99


I had heard lots of good stories about Italian brand Kiko before, so I took all of you girls' recommendations on Snapchat and picked up some fab bits.

One girl snapped me to let me know that this gel cleanser from Kiko was the best she had ever used and that I had to get it. It was only €5.50 so of course I bought it! At the end of that night I used it to remove a full face of makeup, and oh my gosh I've never experienced a cleanser like it!!I could literally see it LIFTING the foundation off my face! On the plus side it smells great too! I would have to agree and say that this is also the best cleanser I've ever used for removing makeup.. Wow!! The next day I went back and bought 4 more cleansers then ahaha!!

Thanks so much for reading. Watch this space for the full Travel post and Vlog!

Much love,



  1. Nice post! I haven't tried anything from Kiko before but I really want to. I was in Spain last year and didn't pick up anything! I regret that so much.

    1. Thanks gal!! Yeah have to say now some of the Kiko products are absolutely fantastic!!

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