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Saturday, 29 April 2017


Today I am back with a different type of blog post than usual!
So I will be showing you the apps I have on my iPod - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly!!

As someone who spends majority of their time with a devise in their hand, I would like to think I know a thing or two about apps - or rather I'll just show you the ones I have came across over the last few years.

Social Media

Image result for twitter facebook instagram snapchat logo

Ahhhhh yes, the Fantastic Four, the old reliables, the ones we all spend just a little bit too much of our lives on - but we love 'em!! 
Tbh I would be so lost without them all.

Facebook will always be the ultimate!! Where it all started (after Bebo that is...).
Everyone from your 6 year old cousin to your granny are on Facebook nowadays - but that's brilliant. 
Facebook has the answers to solve all your problems it seems.
Wanna catch up with an old school pal? - Fb
Wanna let everyone know that you went to Ed Sheeran? - Photo album on Fb
Wanna get the latest news from around the world? - Fb
Wanna watch cute videos of baby goats doing backflips off each other? - Fb
Wanna people for pretty much anything? - Fb

The list is endless but it's your one-stop shop for keeping up with people without actually having to talk them! Isn't it crazy how social media can make you less social?

Instagram my beloved Instagram. A blogger's paradise in my opinion. I adore aesthetics and carefully planned themes. I love that it's just a creative corner of the internet where amateurs are often the best photographers.
It's also my main source of fashion, travel and lifestyle inspo. It's the one place where you can govern what and who pops up on your feed.

Snapchat - the quickest way to chat to someone or get a message out there!
I love Snapchat for keeping up with my friends and of course following fellow snapchatters.
Will our lives ever be the same again after the beauty & dog filters??

Twitter - I love how this is totally different to the other social media apps. It's a great place for a rant and for voicing your opinion. It's also one of the only ways to get the attention of a celebrity quickly.


Have you ever wanted to know a bloggers best kept secret?? How they get the perfect photos!!

Ok .. no it's totally not a secret haha, but I have been asked quite a lot lately what apps I use to edit my photos. It's not just all about the apps though.
1. Investing in a really good camera or a phone that has a great quality camera is key.
2. Natural daylight is key for brightness and no unwanted tones in your photos.
3. The following apps.. 
4. A lot of practise - and you're good to go!


Image result for vsco
If you haven't heard of VSCO, then you haven't lived. To be honest it has changed my visual outlook on life. If you want to create and explore cool themes for your Insta feed then you need to hop on the VSCO bandwagon. Basically it's an app where you can apply beautiful filters to photos, and lots more editing tools. 
I don't like to use it to the extreme which is great because you can decide how intense you want the filter to be. So let me show you a before and after photo when using this wondrous app.


Edited using VSCO - Look how much more life the second picture has compared to the first?


Image result for snapseed
After editing a photo with VSCO to change the tone or the mood of the photo, I sometimes then like to use an app called Snapseed. 
This app allows you to add brightness or warmth to specific aspects of the photo rather than adjusting the whole photo. Showing you examples of what I do explains it best.

So as you can see, for this photo I wanted just the ground to be brightened rather than me being brightened. Snapseed is a god send for subtle changes!!

Here is another comparison. I used VSCO to change the tone and then Snapseed to brighten the whole photo - it creates a whole new vibe!

Touch Retouch

Image result for touchretouch

Up until now, all the apps I have told you about are free in the App store. This one however you have to pay for. Being the stingy student that I am I usually never pay for apps, but this was the best €2 I ever spent!

Basically with Touch Retouch, you can remove unwanted objects from your photos.
Sometimes when I am shooting a look, I think the photos are great until I come home later to find that someone or something was in the background of my photo. So yeah, this app is a blogger's absolute dream!!!
Watch the magic happen..

That bin was never there... hehehe...

 Nor were those people ever in the background of my photo..


Image result for unum app
So this one is for the Instagrammers, the bloggers, the visualists.
UNUM is the perfect planner for Instagram. It allows you to easily plan your theme and aesthetic before uploading to Instagram, as well as scheduling posts. You link your Instagram account and off you go!!

Everything else..

Image result for DuolingoImage result for DepopImage result for soundcloud app

Duolingo - For anyone interested in learning a new language, Duolingo is a fun, interactive, free way to start.

Headspace - a fantastic app for positive mental health, motivation & meditation. 

Olympus Share - For people with an Olympus camera, this app makes life so much easier. You can transfer photos straight from your camera to your phone and it acts as a remote control if you have no photographer.

iMusic - I use this to listen to music. To be honest it's not the best in the world. It has been crashing a bit lately but it's still an old reliable for creating playlists.

Popsugar Fitness Active - This app is brilliant for doing workouts and setting yourself fitness goals from the comfort of your own bedroom.

Mytaxi - I use this every week. Ireland's most reliable Taxi app.

Foto Store - An Irish company that prints photos from your camera roll and sends them out to you within a day or two.

Fastscanner - I only discovered this gem a few weeks ago when I didn't know how to use a scanner in the library. I was informed of this app. You take a picture of the sheet(s) you want to scan and it turns it into PDF form. Simples.

So there it is, some of my favourite apps. I'm in no way an expert or being asked to promote any of these but I really think people should know about these handy apps if you don't already.

What are your favourite apps?? I would love to know! 
Leave me a comment below as I'm always keen to have something else to help me procrastinate and not study.......

Until next time.



  1. Fab post, I think people don't really talk about what apps they use to edit etc so hearing your favourites is fab. I have honestly been using UNUM ever since you told me about it, it's amazing!!
    Ailbhe x

    1. Aww thanks a million Ailbhe!! Yeah it's no big secret anyway I'm glad to let people know what I use! Ughhh isn't UNUM the best???

  2. wonderful post! there are many people who use apps without actually knowing what they are meant for and what they do. This would help them to differentiate which are better at what.


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