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Thursday, 24 August 2017

Hiit to Fit with Sonny Hunt

Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog!
So today's post is fitness related! As you may know if you follow my social media, I have been doing Sonny Hunt's female Hiit to Fit plan over the summer months!

Even though I promised myself I wouldn't, I put on the "college stone". It's inevitable in first year I reckon :(
My diet had just gone so bad, without even realising. I would go to the gym for about 40 mins, do loads of cardio, then come home and have a HUGE dinner as well as a load of sugary treats. I also got really bad for snacking late at night. I just completely let myself go to be honest!
No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't beat the sugar cravings and I also wasn't doing the right things at the gym.

I headed away to America for the summer and no longer wanted to feel shitty about my body. I didn't fit into a lot of my clothes especially skirts and dresses which I had fit into 8 months previous. 
I decided I needed professional help to motivate me and get me on the right track!

This is where Sonny came in!!
I started following Sonny on Snapchat when Laura Dempsey (a makeup artist) had done his Hiit To Fit 8 week programme. The results she got were great, and from following Sonny a year later across all of his channels, I knew he was the real deal.
So I bought his 8 week blue plan and didn't look back!

In Sonny's plans he does detailed workouts with video footage so you can follow along. He creates a food plan personalized to you! He is in regular contact to advise and help in whatever way he can. None of my silly, amateur questions or complaints about feeling energy-less and sore were ever too much! He was always there with a positive reply and got me motivated again!

The 8-Week Plan

I was so determined to get my body back on track. I wanted to feel confident for my summer in America and also start prepping my body for my 21st birthday in September. 
One really good thing I've taken from the plan is that I am now setting myself fitness goals and working to achieve them.

For the first few weeks I worked really hard. I did the exercises as set for me each week!
If it was a busy day or I got home late, I still made time for my workouts - often finding myself doing warm-ups outside at 11pm! Dedication haha!!

The food plan literally was the best thing for me. Oh my god! It really brought to my attention just how much I had been over-eating in college.
Having the tailored food plan changed my outlook on my lifestyle completely.
I now know the type of foods I should be eating, how much of each food group I should be consuming and at what times of the day etc.
I became really disciplined because of it and did a lot if meal prep!

 I actually began to love clean eating believe it or not - because I love how it made me feel.
I noticed my body actually began to feel a lot healthier. Digestion was easier and overall I just felt a lot better and nourished! I was definitely not bloating as much either

As the weeks went on, the workouts got much harder and the fact that I was exercising in crazy hot weather for the whole summer, it was constantly hard. But that's a good thing!

It got harder and harder to be consistent with the programme as I was on a J1 and just all over the place. Also I worked in Ben & Jerry's for the summer which didn't help. So foodwise, I found it harder to stay on track the longer I was in America. But I tried when I could and I did all of my workouts. And to be honest, being in the situation I was in, I'm just glad that I kept it up as much as possible! 

Under the circumstances of being on the summer of a lifetime all the while being in a hot country, I'm really happy with how I did! 
Sonny is a fantastic personal trainer and certainly got me into a different way of thinking. I now have a really good mindset about working on becoming the best version of myself!

I see little changes in myself. I can see some definition in my legs and a little bit around my waist which is an incredible feeling! Achieving my goals is going to be a long term thing but I am at the age now where I want to invest in myself and my health and I will get there little by little. So if you are interested in going on a fitness journey, know that it is a journey. It won't happen overnight, but if you work hard long-term, it will happen!

What's Next?

After taking a few weeks break, I am now doing the next step-up which is Sonny's Orange Plan for females. This plan is a collaboration with Sonny, so expect a lot more fitness related posts across my social media!
 Now I am using a lot of free wights. The intensity levels are much higher.
I assumed I wouldn't be able for it. The thoughts of using weights was soooo scary to me. I never thought I would be the girl who spends more than an hour in the gym and uses weights but here I am a week and a half into the new plan and I am loving it!!!
Feeling myself get stronger and even gradually use heavier weights is so addictive. I am really enjoying going to the gym now. It's no longer a chore, it's a part of my lifestyle now!

It is 5 weeks until my 21st party, so I cannot wait to feel good about myself in my dress that night. Time to get to work!!
I'll keep ye updated!

For more info on Sonny's plans and training, check out his website here
Sonny's Instagram: click here

As always let me know if you have any questions about the plans and let me know if you enjoyed this post!
Clóda :)


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