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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

How To Live Your Best Life

Happy Hump Day!! 
Between being knee deep in assignments and getting stuck into college work, it's so important to have an outlet and a place to just unwind. With it being UCC Student Union's Mental Health Week a few weeks ago, I thought it was a opportunity to write this post which has been itching at me for a while now!

I got great feedback from my last post where I shared my 5 Tips For Finding A Balance so I thought this was the perfect follow up!
I hope you can take something from this post, and as always, enjoy!!

(Shots are from a recent shoot I did with an incredibly talented photographer Emma Smyth, check out her Instagram here )

Importance of Positivity

It's something we hear day in day out, but it can't be said enough! With all the bad stuff that goes on in the world and all the negativity out there, it's so incredibly important to try your best to stay positive!
Having a positive and optimistic attitude especially during stressful, upsetting or confusing times is vital! One positive thought can totally turn your day or someone else's day around and perhaps get you out of a difficult situation. Things go wrong in life, that's no surprise, but remaining positive means you're already one step ahead!! Take life with a pinch of salt and always always try to put things into perspective!

Stop Caring What Other People Think

There can sometimes be a very small-minded nature amongst Irish people especially in small towns where everyone knows everyone else's business. Often I think it's the case that we care too much about what people will think of our actions and hold ourselves back.
This in turn can stop people from living their best life or stop them from pursuing their passions.
For years I spent so long caring what people around me thought of me and put off doing the things I really wanted to. I would say I 80% of the time I don't care what others think of my actions/what people potentially say about me and my blog. I'm still working on getting over that 20% and I will.
The day you stop caring about what other people think of you is the day you start living your life fully!!

Find Your Passions

One of my favourite quotes is actually the quote I put under my picture in my secondary school's yearbook : "We weren't born to just pay bills and then die" and it's such a brilliant statement. It's very easy to fall into the basic routines of life : get an education, get a job, pay your bills and never bother to find your passions.
And while all of those things are necessary, that's not the happiest or most fulfilling life I could imagine. Something I've noticed about a lot of young people is that they lack ambition or motivation to push themselves beyond the norm.
If someone is reading this and feels they could definitely get more out of their life, please do. 
Push yourself.
Join a club.
Take up a sport.
Give to Charity.
Find whatever it is that makes you want to jump up out of bed in the morning. Really, truly get the most of your life! You have a short existence on this earth. It's so true that what you put into your life is what you will get out.

Do Things For You

At the end of the day, you decide for yourself how you live your life. Don't be afraid to go it alone sometimes.. You learn so much about yourself and about the world when you do things by yourself. One of the best things I ever did was travel to New York and Africa alone. The friends I made and experiences I gained were just unforgettable! 
Stop relying on other people. Don't hold yourself back just because your friends won't do something or go somewhere with you. Learn to rely solely on yourself and you'll never be disappointed!!
You can only get the best out of yourself and the best out of your life if you actually take care of yourself. Respect yourself, treat your body kindly, relax, binge-watch your favourite TV show, set goals, exercise, do mindfulness. Do whatever you do in order to be happy!

The Secret

Do you want to know the secret to living your best and happiest life? Love yourself. Like seriously, love the life you've been given and do everything you can to use the talents you've been given. Be true to yourself always. And most importantly, believe in yourself and your abilities - whether that's in a career, education, sports, music etc. Once you start to fully believe in yourself as a person, everything starts to fall into place - and you wouldn't believe how much happier you'll!!!

I hope you enjoyed this piece! I love writing on these kind of topics!

Until next time,


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