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Sunday, 18 February 2018

My Top 5 Foundations

Hey lovelies, happy Sunday!!

As you can tell from the title, this post is a run-through of my Top 5 Favourite Foundations.

So my love for these foundations is totally based on the fact that I have oily/combination skin which is acne & blackhead prone. So if you have a similar skin type, these foundations may suit you also!!

I've been dying to write this post for ages because I always want to learn about new makeup myself and these are my absolute trustees so I hope you will love them too!

Daytime Foundations

1. Catrice HD Liquid Coverage

The Catrice HD Liquid Coverage foundation is my absolute baaaaaaby!!! Like my ultimate fave foundation in the world.. It would be a daytime foundation as I only ever wear the lighter shade of 003. For people with spotty skin like me, I have to say it covers evvvverything without feeling overly heavy on the skin. It definitely lasts all day - I've often worn it for up to 20 hours and with powder top-ups it stays on!
 I've worn this foundation in all kinds of weather from rain to scorching heat in America and I just adore it. If you want an affordable but absolutely fantastic daytime foundation then this is my absolute No.1 that I recommend! I also love the fact that it is a dropper style foundation because you can decide how much you want to put on your brush.
And get this... It's €7.50!!!!! You can purchase it in Penneys and many other chemists! 

2. Flormar Perfect Coverage Foundation

The Flormar Perfect Coverage Foundation is my 2nd favourite daytime foundation. I tend to wear it when I have tan on because it is the darker of my everyday foundations. I went to a Flormar stand to find a lighter shade and found that there is very little options of shades available. But I do however mix it with my Catrice HD foundation as mentioned above when I want to acquire the perfect colour match to the shade of my tan ha!! Does anyone else ever do that? I'm always mixing my foundations!
I really like the fact that there is an SPF in the foundation and it is super longlasting!!
The coverage is also excellent and it is super affordable!


This foundation is one that was sent to me from a PR company. It is the only foundation I own that isn't specifically for oily skin/full coverage look. I find this foundation is more for a dewy & natural look. So on days where my skin is clearer or I want lighter coverage I will wear this foundation or mix it with my other ones. You can buy it here on Visage Beauty Store!

Nighttime Foundations

1. Urban Decay All Nighter

This is my absolute favourite foundation to wear on nights out or for occasions when I'm wearing tan! It literally does what it says on the tin - lasts all night. It's the only foundation I will wear on a night out, and I sinfully have fallen asleep with it on a few times and it has lasted quite well!!
The shades are stunning - I use shade 5 with tan. It feels so velvety on the skin and is completely full-coverage. It hides all redness of spots and just gives a flawless finish!
It has lasted me so long - nearly a year, so longevity for the price of €36 is impressive as it is only 30ml!! Can we also take a moment for how pretty the packaging is?? By far my prettiest foundation!

 2. MAC Studio Fix Fluid

 I'm sure at one point or another everyone has heard of the MAC Studio FIx foundation as it is famous for it's coverage and longevity on the skin. It certainly does give a flawless finish which is always important for nights out! It is however quite a heavy foundation - you can feel it sitting on the skin. Nonetheless it does it's job and will forever be one of my favourite nighttime coverage foundations!!


So those are My Top 5 Foundations!! I'm always intrigued to see what other people with similar skin types like - so please let me know your fave foundations whether they are daytime, nighttime, drugstore or high end.
In fact I'm on the lookout for a new Nighttime foundation, so all recommendations are welcome!

*Disclaimer - all opinions are 100% honest and 100% my own opinions.


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  1. Nice post! I have heard so much about Flormar Perfect Coverage Foundation and Catrice HD Liquid Coverage but I haven't tried either. I hope they have a light enough shade for me.


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