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Saturday, 27 October 2018

Erasmus in Rome - Week 3

Hey everyone, sorry for the delay in posting my Week 3 update. Life has been crazy and hectic here.
I'm really excited about bringing this Erasmus Diary series to you!
I got great feedback from the first post - I'm so happy you enjoyed reading all about the realities of me settling into Erasmus life.

This week, it's much more lighthearted and shorter than my introduction post!!

My Room

I said in last week's post that I would show you a little preview of my accommodation! I say preview because right now it's still pretty basic! I need to make it homely with candles, flowers, pictures etc - all with good time!

As student accommodations go, I reckon I've pretty much hit the jackpot with this room.
My hopes before moving were to have a bright room with a balcony! Not only did I get just that, but it's very spacious with some stunning Italian furnishings!

I can't wait to fill that white board with photos, souvenirs & memories!

I just love the colours in the room - whites, browns and yellow tones!

I live on a street filled with busy shops and restaurants. It's always really noisy but I feel really safe in this area. (I'll take you on a tour of the area in another post when I've discovered all the best parts).

What I got up to..

I felt a lot more settled and happy in myself this week. I've made a great group of friends who constantly want to meet up, go for pizza and make the most out of the Erasmus year! It's been non-stop fun since Day 1!!!

I went to the beach this week with Erasmus students and friends. It's the best feeling to go to for a swim in the sea at 26 degrees in mid October, I could get used to this life!

This week I also got to know my lovely housemates a bit more. We're a nice mix of Italian, German/American, Romanian and Irish 20 somethings!! We had a lovely dinner together and stuffed our faces with Carbonara (which is a typical Roman dish)!


I've found it kind of a struggle to do outfit shooting since I've been here. While the backdrops have been phenomenal, I haven't always had someone to be there to take pictures for me. So, persistent as I am, I've set off on different occasions to the Colosseum and asked kind strangers to take my picture! In the case below I had my phone set to timer, propped up between a pillar and my water bottle to make sure I got shots of my new outfit lol. You've gotta do what you've gotta do, right? :) 

My Erasmus goals/rules to live by..

I want to get as much out of this year abroad as I possibly can, so it's only logical that I've created a list of goals/rules to live by for the year ahead.
I want to make it my business to achieve all of them and hold myself accountable so I am publicly sharing how I hope this year will go!

I've literally taken pictures of how it is in my notebook. 
No edits.
Hopeful that it will all come true. (I've colour coordinated, so it has to!!)


Next week, I will share all about my trip to Napoli, Pompei and Sorrento so stay tuned for Erasmus in Rome - Week 4!!

Thanks again for reading,
Clóda :)

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  1. Nice post! Sounds like you are having an absolute ball in Rome. I love your goals for the year, I think it is such a good idea and it will give you plenty of inspiration to try new things.


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