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Saturday, 5 January 2019

Get 2019 Ready!!

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Hey everyone, welcome to my first post of 2019!!
I first of all want to take this time to thank you so much for your continued support of my blog and social media in 2018. It means the world to me!

We are all in the 'January Blues' phase after Christmas. Everything has slowed down big time, be it our productivity and even our bodies! For me, getting back on track and getting organised for the year ahead is really important so that I don't fall into a lull. So many times in the months after Christmas, I have continued the Christmas laziness, lying around watching movies and generally not being able to get out of that holiday head-space. Before I know it then, half the year is gone and an overwhelming guiltiness hits that I "didn't do enough" in the year!!

I know it's only a simple blog post and you potentially already have your own plan of organisation in place, but I love these kind of posts and it will hopefully give you a source of inspiration!!
I've done a small bit of research, and in this post I will share things such as stationary and apps that will help you plan, organise, focus and track your goals for 2019!!

2019 Planners

Something that I feel is essential to invest in each year for tracking goals and making plans is a yearly planner!! Even though we are in the digital age, I just love to put pen to paper! I think when you physically write something down, it is engraved in your mind and in turn is more effective.. 
Here are some journals I think might be of interest:

Leanún Designs

2019 Daily Planner

2019 Daily Planner

The first journal I have decided to share is the 2019 Daily planner from Leanún Designs! Leanún Designs is ran by 3 women in Cork!! I have followed their Instagram account for over a year now and I always find myself lusting over their pretty stationary and yearly planners!!
For me as a student and someone with a busy schedule, a planner that has a full page for every day is an absolute must. Leanún feature a page-a-day and that is very attractive when choosing the perfect planner!
The layout is gorgeous, they have monthly inspirational quotes, goals & action lists and much more!
For only €35 it is hands down the nicest planner I have come across that has all of the necessary features and yet is still pretty and creative. And any chance to shop Irish is always a plus!!
Find the planner here.

Pippa Plan it Planner

Plan It - Planner

Plan It - Planner

Yet another booming Irish business, I had to share the Plan It Planner from the Pippa Collection by Pippa O'Connor. Again, another beautifully designed planner with different patterns and quotes for each month. What is unique about this specific planner is the fact that it is an undated. This is very attractive for someone who only wants to make plans at certain times of the year, like a student!
Or some months you might not have as much things happening, so dating it yourself based around your lifestyle is a really nice feature!
Right now, the planner is a steal at only €20!! Pippa is releasing another planner soon so keep an eye out for that! Shop the Plan It Planner here.

The Happiness Planner

Image result for the happiness planner

I couldn't do a post about planners and not mention the Kweeeen of all Planners! To be honest, I reckon The Happiness Planner is the original all-purpose pretty planner that all other companies followed suit from! I remember first hearing about THP on Pinterest and then Instagram.
THP is a one-stop planner for all things organisation in the most aesthetic way. With about 4 different colour options, a box full of lists, goal sheets, rose gold paper clips, pens etc, it really is everything in one! Although its more on the pricey side at around €50, it has everything you need including daily dates, goal trackers, and pages for you to plan the things that make you happy! Not only is it a planner but is designed to help you get on track of and do the things that bring happiness into your life! (There is also an undated version if you didn't want to be tied down to specific dates)
You can buy it here.

Organisational Apps

For someone who is tied to their technology and doesn't feel like lugging around planners and journals then there are plenty of apps you can use to get organised, planning and tracking!

Image result for wunderlist

An app that comes up again and again when researching organisation is Wunderlist. It's a really cool tracker app where you can create lists, input appointments and important dates and get reminders about them all! What's really cool about this app is you can collaborate with others like workmates or teammates who can also see your lists!


Image result for evernote

Another really great organisational app for the more tech savvy individual, students or people who need to work from their phone is Evernote. Much like other organisational apps, it features lists, to-do's etc, but it's a fantastic app for accessing all of your info whenever you need it!
You can input typed & handwritten notes. Share audio, video, PDF, sketches and web page formats.
It seems like a really cool creative space to carve out your important thoughts on the go!

My Fitness Pal

Image result for myfitnesspal

I decided that My Fitness Pal is a necessary app to share! I used it before and now that I'm sharing it in this post, I will have to download it again! Its definitely one of the best available free apps out there! Whether you want to lose weight, tone up or simply track your daily calories and nutrition, its such a handy little tracker app to have. It lets you input your goals, meals, exercise and offers you daily guidelines!


Besides planners and apps, I recommend taking quick notes on your phone as well as keeping paper to-do lists nearby. You can't have enough reminders of your goals, plans and to-dos when you want to get organised!

I hope 2019 is great for you and you can take the bull by the horns early in the year to really get the most out of yourself and your productivity!

Until next time,
Clóda x

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