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Thursday, 24 January 2019

My 2019 Plans & Goals

Hi everyone, happy Thursday!!
Welcome back to the blog! I know we are already 24 days into 2019, but doesn't it feel like January has been dragging on for aaaages?!

Anywhooo I love the New Year - I love any excuse for new beginnings and goal setting for the year ahead. Last year I shared my goals with you all in a blog post and I'm doing it again for 2019!
I like to be pretty transparent with my plans for my blog and I also can track my goals better when they are put down in physical writing!

I have split this blog post into 4 categories that I feel are most important in my life : Personal plans, Career/Studies, Travel and Blog Goals.

Personal Plans

  • This year I want to write more. Not just here on my blog but I want a diary/planner for pretty much everything! I want to document my thoughts, note ideas and generally just put pen to paper more. We spend a lot of time looking at technology and I think writing more will help me to detox from staring at screens.
  • This year I want to get back to doing something I have always loved and that is singing and playing guitar! Whether it's only banging out tunes in my room or trying to go to open mic nights etc, I want to get back to one of my earliest passions!
  • I plan on improving my time management this year. I'm a procrastinator, too relaxed about showing up on time to things etc and always find myself rushed! I really need to plan and set times for everything from assignments, blog, sleeping patterns.
  • I want to talk to strangers more when out and about.. With our heads stuck in our phones, we have actually forgotten how to be sociable. Everyone has a story, we can learn a lot from others, share our own stories, make conversations and ask others how their day is going.
  • Look after my body & mind better: - Stretch more - Exercise for improved health - Meditate - Tone up & gain strength - Do a weekly social media detox for a few hours - Really take care of my skin.

Blog Goals

  • To do weekly or biweekly blogs (and maybe vlogs consecutively)
  • Do more fashion styling posts - blogs & video content.
  • I want to shoot more regularly so that I'm constantly bringing fresh content to you all. I'm living in Rome so I have no excuse to not have the camera with me at all times! Hense, upping my photography and quality of content game!
  • I would love to pitch myself to do more collabs with brands (Irish ones in particular) and hopefully get some paid opportunities this year.
  • I'm really hoping to continue growing my Instagram as I've put so much effort into it in the past 12 months! My goal is to reach 14-15k followers by 2020. I hit my goal of 10k in 2018, so it's time to be ambitious and work hard at what I love

Dream Travels

  • Obviously living in Rome, my main travels this year are going to be Italy based. I would love to see Milan, Lake Como, Bari, Sicily, Venice, Amalfi Coast, Cinque Terre, Bologna and Genova. (Not a long list, I know......)
  • I met an amazing friend from Munich last semester on Erasmus and now she's making me really want to go to Oktoberfest in Germany. I've always wanted to visit Germany and now it's looking like I might finally go!
  • I want to go somewhere warm on a summer holiday just before I go into final year. So far my hopes are either Croatia, Greece or Lisbon.
  • I've been to New York before and I absolutely loved it. I have such a strong feeling of wanting to go back. With the year ahead it may not be affordable but a girl can dream of returning to one of her favourite cities.
  • I also want to travel to Scotland because it's only 'across the pond' and super cheap to get there so maybe a little weekend to Edinburgh before Christmas is in the works!

Studies/Career Focus

  • In 2019, I really want to begin exploring career prospects and opportunities. Almost every week I'm asked by someone what I will do after college. I have a year and a half before that happens but it would be nice to know my options.
  • Complete Erasmus having improved Italian immensely.
  • I begin Final Year of college in September and I plan to put in a lot more preparation and work into my studies when that time comes around.


Outfit details:
Jacket - Zara
Jeans - Bershka
Bag - River Island
Shoes - Alcott

I hope you enjoyed reading about my plans and hopes for 2019!
Goal setting is always a great to make your year ahead a great and productive one. 
Happy New Year to you, I wish nothing but the best for you all!

Clóda :)

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