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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Do you ever just not know?

Hi everyone, I hope the title of this post doesn't seem very blunt..

So, I'm sure most of you if not all of you have had days where you're not feeling great no matter what you do. You're stuck in this rut and you just don't know why..? Well that's how I've been feeling today! So, I feel the best way to deal with it is to tell you, because you might just relate..

I have such a busy lifestyle. I'm constantly on the go - but I wouldn't have it any other way. I crack up if I have nothing to do or if I have to spend a day alone at home. I'm on a constant high of excitement from all the fun, amazing things I immerse myself into. I can't complain I have a lot more than most and am very grateful. But every couple of months, I just get tired. Physically and emotionally. I run myself into the ground until I can do no more.

I could kind of feel this coming to be honest. Ever since I finished the Leaving Cert in June, I've literally not stopped doing things!! But things have really been jam-packed since my trip to London in early September. Literally 2 days after coming back I started into my new job (which I absolutely love) and have really been focusing on my blog too! I also played camogie 3 times a week! 

I used to get this dizziness years ago, maybe from the ages of 9 to 14 or so. We never found a diagnosis no matter how many doctors I visited or how much I got bloods taken etc. Eventually the doctors just put it down to mild Vertigo. When I say dizzy spells I mean it would literally loom over me for hours, days and weeks!! And I don't mean dizzy as in my sight became fuzzy. I could completely focus on things in front of me. This dizziness that I get is internal, almost as if the inside of my head is shaking all around the place (as odd as that sounds). Thank God it went away for years!! However, I noticed that I started to get the dizzy spells for the whole of September.. 

I knew that it was due to how busy I had been, but it was something more. I think looking back now I felt left behind. I always wanted to take a year out and I think it is benefiting me so much. I definitely do not regret it but I have a lot of time on my hands in the evenings. So of course I spend most of my time on social media, because as a blogger, that is our forté (kinda lol).. But seeing constant snapchats of people starting college and making new friends, and kind of feeling like I was losing friends, I thought I had to just push it away. But realistically it isn't going away. College is still happening for them, and I still feel somehow left out. I know that sounds so silly, because obviously I'm thrilled for everyone that they're happy with their new lives!

 I feel like even though I'm always busy, that when it comes to it, people are too busy to make time for me or as if they kind of assume that I wouldn't need them. And somewhere along the line, I feel I have lost some good friendships. I know they will always be there if I ever need them, but it's just not the same. Don't get me wrong I have some amazingggg people in my life. My family, my boyfriend Jack, and my friends are everything to me! Even some of the girls who would have been in the year below me in school are so special to me and I have such great time for them because they always support me whether it be blogging, music etc. They're the loveliest of people but they have their own circles and I just find it tough sometimes that I'm kind of this in betweener. Like I'm not part of one particular group of friends. I'm kind of friends with a lot of different cliques, if you get me, but not a part of one in particular? I know you're thinking I sound so selfish, because I have heaps of friends but it's hard seeing it all over social media, knowing that it doesn't happen for me like it would've a few years ago!

So anyway, to sum that up, I think that is something that contributed to the dizziness. By pushing it all to the back of my mind, it really was having an impact on my head and thoughts! I'm pretty glad to have gotten that off my chest because it is a feeling I have to deal with regularly. I suppose it's better to address it than ignore it.

I also went out Sunday night for a few sociables and I often find that I hit a low the day after drinking alcohol. I like to call it Post Alcohol Depression (we've all been there). I was with Jack all day Monday though so obviously it didn't affect me. But I think today it did. I had a bad start to the day and that didn't help. Basically I was booked in to have an induction with a local gym for 8am this morning. I was so so excited as I was really looking forward to doing something healthy and positive! I got all my gear ready and really psyched myself up for a good workout, showed up at the gym and was told that the instructor wouldn't be there so I couldn't use the gym! It was far from the end of the world but it just set off whatever lull I got into for the day!

So to be honest I still don't know why I'm not feeling happy today. It could be a result of a build up of feelings, it could be after the boozing, I could be overtired. I could come up with a million reasons, but I know that it is just a feeling and it simply cannot last forever. I've been trying to focus on positive things and looking forward to a new day, but for now this is how I am feeling and I just have to go with it. It may be preached over and over again but it is totally OKAY not to feel okay!!! 

Does anyone else just randomly get down in the dumps for no reason?
Are you holding something in?

Please please please talk to someone. You are sooooo not alone! Even just today, 2 other bloggers were saying on Snapchat that they were anxious and stuck in a rut. It's normal. WE ARE ONLY HUMAN! Sometimes I think we feel that we have to be "superhuman" all the time when really nobody expects that of us only ourselves. I push myself too far, and I criticize myself for the littlest of things and that's not right either. I need to learn not to be so hard on myself and to know it's fine to be confident without being cocky. It's terrible, but in this day and age I am actually afraid to be confident sometimes in case I get labelled cocky... How does that make sense?? Why are people actually degrading others for pushing the boundaries of society or for doing things they might consider too "out there". Get over it!! If someone has the confidence to do something against the norm, support them, instead of having the mindset of "who does she think she is"..

Totaaaally going off the point as usual, but I'm so glad I wrote this now because I just had to get all of that off of my chest. It's important to find ways to try and get out of  a bad mood. For me I express myself through writing. For others it may be listening to music, going for a walk, or simply having a good ole cry! Whatever works for you do it!! Fight the feeling and say to yourself  "I am going to get through this". You know why??
Because it's just a bad day not a bad life!!

I am always here  if anyone wants to talk. Snapchat, message me, email me. Honestly, just don't keep things bottled up for too long because it is so important to talk even if it seems silly.

Lots of love,
Clóda xxx


Monday, 19 October 2015

Halloween Inspired Look

Haaaappppyy Monday everybody. Hope you all had a lovely weekend!!

So today on the blog I have a Halloween inspired look. I didn't realise until after I finished the shoot how idyllic the coniferous trees were to set the spooky mood. What I love about this outfit is it can be worn on any normal day but is also very trendy halloween attire.

The dress is from a fab online shop It is a very affordable £23.95!!!

It is so comfy and can be worn loose as a swing dress or skater with a belt. For my figure, adding a belt is much more flattering as I'm not overly tall and it accents my waist! I am absolutely lusting over the Lattice look too. It ties the whole look together (excuse the pun)...

I thought Over The Knee boots harmonised well with the overall feel and look of the outfit. These are from but can be found in most high street shops!

Shop the dress here

To get cosier as the days get chillier, add an essential cape/poncho. This beauty is Penneys finest and is an amazing €20! Just take in those colours!!!

Just loved this tree so much..

At one with nature lol..

I found the cutest fairy hole on the way out!! How fab!

Aaaand a close up of my makeup and new hair colour.. What do ya'll think?

So are you feeling inspired for Halloween?? Let me know in the comments or with a share!

Lots of love,

Clóda x


Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Madam Rage

Happpppyyy Wednesday all of you wonderful people who GOT ME TO 8000 VIEWS!!!!!! Do I hear a giveaway at 10,000?? ;)

Image result for 8000 views

So today I shot this Autumnal look from Madam Rage.  They're such a fab company and I'm pretty sure they supply to a lot of different shops!

This dress is simply stunning! You all know from my Penneys Haul that I'm IN LOVE with Paisley prints this season!! 

That plummy/burgundy colour is my absolute must-have lately. I have it in shoes, dresses, bags - you name it! By the way, these lace-up block heels are from Penneys!! (Duhh))

How awesome are the puff cuffs on the sleeves?? Lusting!! 

I then decided to change up the look with boots and tights to make it more Wintery and accessible.

The colours in all the scenery around The Ragg are just everything!!

Huge thank you to my main, who was my photographer for the day! He's the best to motivate me, Daddy dearest! He insisted that I include this final photo (even though it's blurry) because it apparently captures the "real" me. Lolol!

Love always,

Clóda x


Sunday, 11 October 2015

In-Store Penneys/Primark Haul

Happy Sundayyyyy..

I hope you're all being lazy like me and are snug by the fire!

Anywhooo, we all love a good find in Penneys so who wouldn't love a haul on MANY finds? I live off Penneys. People who claim it to be tacky clearly haven't paid it a visit in the last year or are going to the wrong locations. If you want to nab the amazing things, you need to be hitting up big Penneys like Mary Street in Dublin and Newbridge. This haul is from Mary's Street, my absolute favourite Penneys in Ireland! This is just an in-store haul but I'll make a video haul on the bits I bought very soon!
(Just so you know, I am in no way endorsed by Penneys to promote their clothes or products. I just love it so much and want to show you all the kind of things I look out for when I shop here!)

On Trend

One of my favourite things in any shop are the outfits put together on the mannequins! Who else is LOVING the 70s trend this season?? The colours, the prints, the flares, the fur, the FAUX everything!!! Irresistible! I adore this little outfit for under €50!!!

A-Line Skirt - €8 (other colours available
Fedora Hat - €10 (other colours available).
Print Top - €13
Fur Gilet - €15 (other colours available)

To continue the 70's vibe is this paisley number which is only €16. Wear it to work, on a night out, to a meal, literally anywhere! Paisley is the must-have print of the season if you ask me! You can mix so much random, yet appropriate colours with each other!


Well would you look at that.. More prints.. But oh so pretty for €13!


"Ribbed for your pleasure"
I'm sorry that sounds so inappropes haha I'm just a F.R.I.E.N.D.S fanatic.. Please tell me you all get that joke? Ribbed material? 
I personally love the ribbed trend anyway and I don't see it deteriorating any time soon!
Slit dress - €14
Ringer tee - €8


This Ivory top is absolutely babe'n! I am obsessed with it. It would be fab over high waisted ripped knee jeans with it's see-through overlay!! So dressy and classy! €13

For the lovers of shirt dresses. So simple, so essential €13

This fab top has been in Penneys for months, and it's obvious why they are continuing to stock it. It's a perfect blouse for the Summer-Autumn transition but still warm enough to wear in Winter. The shades would suit every skin tone. I love the boho vibes and the looseness around the tummy area €13

You all NEED this in your lives!! With plenty of nights out approaching in the coming months, this is deff a top we could re-wear and re-style again and again!! It will suit a lot of body types too. 
And, well, y'know, all black errrrrthing ;) 


I'm loving the fact that Penneys is no longer all about the clothes. They've so much new handy Bits 'n' Bobs in-store! They're all absolute essentials for the most amazing prices!

!Attention College Go-ers! 
You neeeeed this! How frigging cute is this alphabet ice cube tray.. And think about the funny things you could come up with for house parties? For the price and the lols, why the hell not? 

Believe me you actually never know when you'll need measuring tape... This one is so super cute!

Ok, you're actually going to think I'm a blogger turned builder lol.. What with the tape and now this mini tool set. But seriously, how God damn handy is this?? And with Christmas just around the corner, little contraptions like this are much needed for opening all sorts of things!

So punny and practical..

Who else follows blogger Anouska Proetta Brandon on Snapchat ? (anouskapb)
She has the coolest camera lenses for her phone from the award winning "Izzi Gadgets" which retail at about $50 and I'm sure there would be shipping fees on top of that. Well I have found a dupe in Penneys for a mere €8!!!!! It has 3 clip-on lenses. I'm sure it's not as good as the Izzi product, but I have bought it and will be letting you all know in my video haul very soon how good or bad they are! I'd advise you to pick one up very lively as these will most definitely be a sell-out if they're any way good!

People pleeeeease stop spending money on unreliable Apple chargers.. Penneys is here to save the day! €1 and feckin' 50c will not break you!

Yaaaaay I can finally stop bringing all my chargers to college!! I've been waiting to pick up a power bank ever since Nuala Gorham (blogger) posted about it from a Primark Press Day Event.. It's a handbag essential and pink.. And for €7 you cannot go wrong. There's also one for €15 which can do a double charge! (Oh by the way Nuala's snapchat is Nualsg)

Beauty and Accessories

I have to say Penneys have really upped their make-up game as of late! Take in the pigmentation in this matte lipstick crayon. And the price, like seriously??? Oh and of course the cutest packaging!

Am I the only one who constantly misplaces their tweezers? Keep them brows on point for €1.50!!

In case you didn't already know, Penneys now have a beauty bar in the Mary St. store. How cool is that?? I'll go through the list of things in my video haul!

It's things like these which make me wish I wore glasses sometimes :(
Such pretty glasses cases!!!

I'm loving these keyring Pom-Poms!! Never lose your keys or bag again!!

Have you seen the range of belts lately? Perfection.

Ok I've been so super excited to show you all these bags which are lined with wool. They're so so cute and on-tend! The handbag is €10 and Tote is €12. I think these will be a huge hit!

Plum perfection.. €14

You will never travel boringly again. These cases are a mix of cool and class for only €45! Deal!

Kind of really want this soo much super duper a lot wow! This is me all over but why no options for Huawei Ascend and iPod 5 :(((((((
Maybe some other lucky soul will benefit from seeing this.. On a serious note though, phone cases for €1.50.. SOLD!

Personally I don't DIY dye my hair, but for anyone who does or is thinking about doing so, can you believe that this set is actually €1.50? Yooou need this now!!

I am absolutely guilty as charged for not cleaning my makeup brushes. But i do have this cleaner and works wonders, because it leaves them spotless and smelling fresh! I really reccomend it!

Winter Warmers & Footwear

No no I actually wish I didn't have so many coats because this needs to be a part of my life story.....
River Island basically have the exact same one or variations of this for €100+ ...  You won't believe me but this is €40.. NEED .. PRONTO

I'm too happy that the ombré fur gilet trend is still going. Long may it live

I am one of those people who refuses to spend more than €10 on a scarf lol.. Especially when they're just as fashionable in Penneys as in the other high-street shops! This scarf is only one example of the amazing range. It has a different pattern on each side. How cool is that? Feelin' monochrome on a Monday and tartan on a Tuesday.. And it's all in one scarf. €9

Excuse the horrible pic but ye had to know that there is the most stunning trench coats in Khaki, Camel, Navy, Burgundy available for €21.. Have you ever met such good prices?

I'm not really a cape person but this one I'd make an exception for this one. This rust colour is everything to me right now and the pattern and tassels are just bonuses to this awesome outfit finisher! Can't believe it's only €20 too!

Boots like these should shut anyone up who slate Penneys. These metallic babies are amazingly stylish and practical for only €23.. They would dress up any outfit!

I don't know what it is but I'm mad for all things leopard print these days. So of course I was instantly drawn to these courts. They are perfect for under a pair of jeans and a beige tee. And guess the hell what?? They are €11!!!!

Finally, I think these are the most perfect boots to finish on! I am loving grey, the mid-length and do not even get me started on those heels. Oh my days... Wowzers for €25

I hope you all enjoyed reading and will be rushing to Penneys to grab some bits you've seen on this haul. As I said, my video haul will be uploaded shortly detailing things I actually bought :)

Until next time,

Clóda xX
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