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Thursday, 1 February 2018


Hey everyone, sorry I missed last week's blog post - I had the craziest week!

But as you can tell from today's title - I have news!!!!

My Erasmus Location Revealed....

Firstly my Erasmus location was supposed to be announced yesterday.
 So I waited by the phone all day, constantly refreshing my email, checking the notice board in the Italian Department etc.
The whole day passed - not an email in sight so my hopes of finding out yesterday were completely shattered and I gave up looking at the phone.

Then last night I was walking home, headphones in, spotify on full blast - you know yourself. And my phone vibrated. (Bare in mind it was 3 minutes to midnight hahah they were cutting it so fine).
 It was an email with the subject of "Italian Erasmus Placements 2018".. 

Well my heart never beat so fast.

 So here I was, stood still in the freezing cold in the middle of College Road trying to open my email, and BAM - no signal!!! Like what were the chances?
Oh my god I was freaking out pacing up and down the road like a crazy person trying to get signal. 

Eventually it loaded and I was so scared to actually look at it..
Like if it wasn't Rome I was gonna cry.
And if it was Rome I was also gonna cry..
(Earlier that day I  happened to look at my phone at 11:11 and wished with everything I had that I would get my place in Rome)

So I opened the email, absolutely shaking, found my name on the list and ran my hand along the screen to find which university I got. I legit screamed on the street.

The shock of my life!! I envisioned it so much and so often and it actually by some chance came true - I got my dream city!!
I'm going to be spending a year living and studying in the incredible city of Roma and I truly couldn't be more excited!!!

^^ Picture credit: taken by my fab friend Ciara - check out her blog

I just can't believe it. In September I'll be heading off on the most exciting year of my life in my dream city, my No.1 choice.. I'm just so so so thrilled. I really can't express my excitement right now!

I've been talking about it so much and everyone has been asking me for updates. Even a girl in the student centre earlier told me she followed me on Instagram and asked if I had found out my Erasmus location yet (what a sweetheart) and she made my day!!

Starting now I cannot waaaaaaait to share my Erasmus journey with you all - from blog posts, video diary's, travels around mainland Europe, countless aesthetically pleasing Instagram posts, waaaay too much consumption of pizza and gelato!! It's so exciting..

And I get to celebrate tonight cos I'm going to Arts Ball!!

So that's it.. That's my amazing Thursday update!!
Sending you all good luck if you're waiting to hear placement and Erasmus offers soon!

Have the best weekend!!!
Clóda :) X  


  1. I'm so glad you got Rome, you will have such a good Erasmus year and I can't wait for all the blog posts you will have about Rome.

  2. I have been following you for awhile now since I started in UCC and I'm so delighted to hear you got Rome as your placement! Such exciting times ahead! Enjoy every minute of it x

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